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Send A Friend Sends Hugs

Send A Friend Sends Hugs

With everything going on with COVID we cannot just reach out and give someone a hug when they need it most.  That’s where Send A Friend comes in handy. Send A Friend can send them a soft, cuddly creature to give that special hug.

Send A Friend provides so much more than we can fit in our little blue boxes. Pick a fluffy pal, write a personalized message, and they will take care of the rest! It is the easiest way to make someone’s day. These animals are soft and very well made.  This one is a little over 10 inches tall.  This is a very nice stuffed animal!

send a friend

This will make the saddest person have a better day and each time they see the little animal it will give them another reason to smile. They can reach out and give you a hug each time they see it.  They can sleep with it or put it on their shelf, wherever it is they will remember you when they see it. Make someone’s day today and order a friend their new cuddly otter like I received.  They have a lot of different animals to choose from, bears, chickens, cats, dogs, lobsters, giraffes, and more. These are not the usual bears, even though they have a bear too!

Each month, they donate 10% of total sales to various pediatric hospitals and care facilities around the country.

A smile is too few now and this is the time to Send A Friend a huge hug with this little stuffed animals meant for hugging! You will laugh over the phone. When they are feeling down you can tell them to hug the stuffed animal and you can feel it! Get a matching bear so you both will feel better anytime you are feeling down.

The price is only $26. SendAFriend is a service where you can anonymously send a stuffed animal with a personalized note anywhere in the world. The recipient will not know who sent the package unless you specifically put your name on the custom order note OR shipping address when ordering.

They even have these fun Halloween items.  They think of everything!

Send A Friend a hug today!






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  1. At a time such as this, sending encouragement can really brighten one’s day. There are so many people that I only correspond with through text because life is hectic right now. We all have family and responsibilities that keep us busy. I would send out countless numbers of these if I could. Family, friends, essential workers, and the list would go keep going.

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