Send Them Off To College With The Everything-They-Need Grand Fusion Backpack! @GrandFusionHW

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Send Them Off To College With The Everything-They-Need Grand Fusion!

Your kids are graduating, soon off to college.  We all want them to be prepared to take the next step.  This is why Grand Fusion is the best backpack for their needs.  They have everything on their laptops and phones now, so why not get a backpack that is everything-they-need?  I see college kids all over walking around with their backpacks on, why not get the best?

Let me show you the assets of this backpack.  It really is impressive.  Let’s start out with the basics, this Grand Fusion backpack has more room then any other I have seen.  This has been scientifically engineer to be the best backpack for electronics.  Giving the student the maximum storage in the least amount of space.  This has plenty of room for a laptop, phone, notebooks, and even books, if needed.

This backpack is made with padding on the backstraps and is so comfortable you won’t remember you are carrying it.  It also has a rubber handle that is easy and comfortable to grab.  The outside is is made from breathable material.  This also has a TSA approved lock to keep it all safe.

Whether she’s going to work, class or just meeting friends, backpacks have become the new purse. But, that also makes them tempting targets for thieves. Many backpacks sacrifice usability for safety, but not the award-winning Travel Fusion Anti-Theft Backpack. It features a TSA-approved zipper lock, extendable steel coil to lock around posts and tamper-resistant zippers while still being fashionable, lightweight and offering 4 gallons of storage capacity. On top of that is an external USB and micro USB charging port so your phone or favorite gadget is never out of power. This also offers a insulated leak proof internal pouch for hot and cold storage and has an ideal pocket on the outside to store wet clothing or umbrella. This also features a zippered pouch on shoulder straps for credit card and cash.

The Grand Fusion backpack has an padded internal pocket for a 15.6 inch laptop. Is water resistant polyester exterior and burst proof zippers, secure pockets for electronics, important documents, clothing, and more. Full access back panel for easy packing – you won’t believe this bag has 2 outside pockets and 6 pockets on the inside.  This even has a rain blanket to hold over your head if caught outside.  This Grand Fusion backpack is safe and made with amazing craftsmanship.

This has to be the safest backpack I have seen.  With the lock it is not only prevents pick-pocketing but also anti-theft zipper stops the latest fraudulent opening and closing fastener.

Grand Fusion’s mission is to create high quality yet affordable products that fill every moment with joy; to be a source of inspiration for an elevated lifestyle

Now doesn’t this seem perfect for the kids going off to college? Or a graduation gift?  I thought so too!  This backpack can be used for a job, school, or working vacation.  Plus makes a great gift anytime of the year!

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  1. This is a truly impressive backpack. It has so many features! I especially love the safety features. It looks comfortable to wear too!

  2. This is an amazing backpack, I would have killed to have one of these when I was in school!! I love the capacity, and the charger ports are brilliant!! Thank you so much for your review.

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