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Sendible Will Save You Time On Your Social Media

I personally use this program and give you my true review below.  Below does include my affiliate link.


Sendible Will Save You Time On Your Social Media

If you haven’t heard of Sendible then you are missing out. I use to spend hours sharing posts and giveaways to my different social media. Just setting up a post can be challenging on some of the channels.  But with Sendible it can all be set up quickly and I know it saves me hours each day.

I can set up giveaways to post as soon as they are live. I set them up to post on the chosen networks, how often, and for how long I choose. I set them up with a click of a button, choose the networks, change what is written up (which is the title), and then I choose the duration. Say the giveaway runs for 3 weeks, I set the shares up for every 37 hours for the entire 3 weeks. That way I am not sharing too often and people at different hours of the day see the giveaway.

I have a group for just giveaways on Facebook, so I schedule my giveaways to go there and on Twitter. After I schedule that I schedule an Instagram share, this one you will need to upload an image. What I like best is I can edit the image to be the right size while I am setting up the share. No need to go back and edit the image and reupload it, is all done in the same set up. I can also schedule it to share on other days. There is a button for the time to send, Sendible fills in the best time to share my post.

You can schedule shares from every 24 hours to once a year. I have the Daily Dazzle Link up scheduled for shares for years in advance.

Sendible saves me hours everyday and is worth every dime I pay each month. If you are interested in learning more you can get a free 14 day trial without using a credit card through my affiliate link https://www.sendible.com?fpr=laura38.

This program works great for businesses and blogs. If you have any questions let me know!

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