SERVANA Circle Earrings

SERVANA Circle Earrings White Gold

SERVANA Circle Earrings

If you need the perfect earrings to wear everyday these SERVANA Circle Earrings at it.  This are small enough to go with any outfit whether dress, business, or jeans. Adorn your style with the eternal symbol of movement and totality. Timeless beauty, served up in a beaming, yet subtle expression of power and grace.

These circular pendant earrings feature the finest-quality cubic zirconias, with the best in cut, quality, and color—just like the purest diamonds. These are very pretty and would look great on anyone. Available in dipped yellow gold or white gold so no worries about allergies, unless you are allergic to gold.

These are not huge they are dainty at 8.2cm in diameter pendant earrings. They feature 30 pieces of AAA-rated CZ stones. The 30 pieces circle the round piece.

I love how pretty these SERVANA Circle Earrings  are without being too much, they are just right for the person who does not like the flashy kind of earrings.  They would look great with your hair up or down so you could wear these everyday. As you can see they have the shine without being overwhelming.  Desiree loves them and has worn them since I took the picture. The gold piece is all one piece so no worries about anything breaking apart.

These earrings are sold at RivalWorld. The idea of RivalWorld came not just from the desire to sell products, but rather to build a platform for like-minded people and share the style we live and breathe. They decided to encompass all their talents under one unified brand that is more of a lifestyle and attitude than a line of products.


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  1. I have a necklace that would match these earrings perfectly. I would love to get these for Mother’s Day!

  2. If these are not the most dainty and beautiful earrings, then I don’t know what else would fit the bill! Thanks for sharing!

  3. These are so cute. I love wearing small earrings in my ears. The larger ones just don’t seem to look well on me. Thank you so much for sharing this great gift idea

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