SGLEDs 100W RGB LED floodlight

SGLEDs 100W RGB LED floodlight

SGLEDs 100W RGB LED floodlight

If you need a flood light then this is the best one to let you light up anyplace.  SGLEDs 100W RGB LED floodlight has 18 bulbs that will light up the dark outside or light up a large dark room This floodlight is amazing.  You can even use this SGLEDs 100W RGB LED floodlight to light up a stage.

Want to have a new light that will light up the backyard then this will let you stay outside for a long time after dark.  The guests won’t realize what time it is. Plus since it takes a regular plug-in you can use this anyplace you need it.

The SGLEDs 100W RGB LED floodlight even has a remote control.  So set it up during the day and keep the party going. Have to work on something late at night, this will give you the light you need to get the job done. Light up your garage like never before, guys you won’t believe what you can now find lol.

This light has 16 Colors & 4 Modes.  Let the kids play at night in special color or you can change them as they are running around. 5 dimmable settings can meet your brightness needs. It also offers 4 kinds of color changing patterns, including flash, strobe, fade and smooth. All the functions can meet all your needs for decorating a party, stage, landscape, and it can also be used for security lighting.

With an IP Rating of 66 and the high quality material, the flood light could work at the temperature of -25℃ ~ 40℃ and can withstand harsh weather conditions, such as rainstorm, sleet or snow. It’s the great outdoor lighting and the perfect decoration lighting for your garden, yard, aisle, porch, patio, or driveway etc..

You can change the light’s direction by adjusting the screw knobs and stainless steel U bracket of the floodlight. The expansion bolts can help you easily install the light for wall mounting, pedestal mounting, ceiling mounting, etc. Ideal for gardens, patios, weddings, parties, parks, stages, landscapes, buildings, yards, streets etc…Makes your birch tree come to life!

Compared with other Flood lights (all competitors use aluminum LEDs), ceramic dissipates heat more efficiently than aluminum because it is non-conducive. This allows our LED chips to be mounted directly to ceramic; making each chip free of fans, housing, adhesive, and PC boards. Ceramic modules have fewer parts than conventional LEDs, and therefore conduct less heat and generate more savings. Keep your family away from the danger of floodlights overheating.

This floodlight would be perfect for any use.  I am sure you have a few places you would like to light up at your home.


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