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Shilucheng Soft Warm Cozy Plush Blanket

Stay warm and cozy all year long with Shilucheng Super Soft Fleece Blanket. It makes it a good choice for household, camping, office, and backpacking.

Shilucheng Soft Warm Cozy Plush Blanket

Shilucheng Soft Warm Cozy Plush Blanket is a must to be prepared to home or travel,contracted and comfortable,to give you a delicate life.

Shilucheng Soft Warm Cozy Plush Blanket

Microfiber has a smooth like silk, feels soft, effectively locking air layer at the same time, have the effect of warm in winter and cool in summer.

Shilucheng Soft Warm Cozy Plush Blanket

Lightweight as it is, Super soft,n comfortable, beautiful, breathable, and very warm but won’t be too hot. Winter warm & summer light, all year-round use.

Shilucheng Soft Warm Cozy Plush Blanket

Machine wash on cold, tumble dry on low; always wash fleece alone or with other fleece blankets and clothing that is similar in texture to prevent abrasion; never use bleach on a fleece blanket.

Lightweight as it is, portable and also easy to store. A multi-function, durable and super warm blanket, while not too hot.

Shilucheng Soft Warm Cozy Plush Blanket

Invite Shilucheng products into your home for their form and function, and experience their style, craftsmanship, and value.We thoroughly test each Shilucheng item and rely on feedback from our customers to help us deliver the highest quality.Check out all of our Shilucheng products, including bedding,curtain,and more, and you’ll find something for all occasions at the best values.Exhaustion of body and mind,can have a rest space. With a selection that continues to grow, the Shilucheng brand is set to become a part of your lifestyle.

This is honestly the softest blanket I have ever felt.  I t has a silky soft feeling, seriously imagine the softest silk and the softest, slightly fuzzy, baby blanket all put together and you will know how this blanket feels.  Amazing!

The edges will not rat up so you are ready to use this blanket for years to come.  This is huge and a wonderful addition to the perfect bed.

Instructions on how to wash and dry are easy to follow and easy to find/read.

My granddaughter Morgan spent the night and she needed a blanket.  Her sister likes to take whatever blanket she has and go to sleep so to make it a little special, I made a HUGE mistake and told her she could take this blanket home and give it to her Mother.  Well then I opened it, wow I don’t normally mind sharing with the grandkids and kids, but this time I really did LOL!

This would make an incredibly popular gift for anytime of the year.

I received this product to give my honest opinion.


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  1. This would be a great blanket to have. I would buy the smaller one and leave it on my couch for snuggling and watching movies.

  2. I would like cuddling up in this, it looks soft, and warm. I’m getting a nice grey storage automen for Christmas to start fixing up my bed room. This would go so nicely, and help class up the room.

  3. This blanket definitely has everything I need. I love that it keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It’s one great blanket.

  4. Super soft and comfortable! Just love this blanket so much. Upon receiving it, I washed twice using washing machine, the blanket is of great quality that no threads or fabric came off. Also it keeps a warm and cozy feeling while using this blanket. Touching it can just make you feel like so relaxing. So I highly recommend this blanket, not only for cold weathers, but for all weathers to use.

  5. I simply love these plush blankets. They are so warm.We keep our furnace down and these really do help a whole lot.

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