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Shopkins Collectable Tin


Shopkins Collectable TinShopkins Collectable Tin

Your kids will love this Shopkins Card Game Set, with Tin carrying case.

  • 2 Pack of Card Games
  • Lunch Box Tin with carrying handle

Shopkins Collectable Tin

The carrying case is wonderful for carrying actual shopkins in.   You have to choose a line on your card and call out the name and number on that line.  The card games can be used in different ways when kids use their imagination.

Shopkins Collectable Tin

The cards are colorful and very engaging to young minds. It was very easy game to play.  The metal lunch tin is high quality, the latch fits well and doesn’t feel at all flimsy, and the handle feels like it can hold up to some abuse.  You “win” the game by having the highest number, and each card has several values on it. The cards are good quality, and have the waxy coating on them like regular playing cards instead of being simply paper cards, and the cards are on the large side to make them easier for little hands to hold.


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