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Show Me History Alexander Hamilton @mediamastersbks

Show Me History Alexander Hamilton

Show Me History Alexander Hamilton

Desiree wants to see Hamilton so when she seen this book she went through it.  She really does love history so this book, Show Me History Alexander Hamilton was perfect for her.  She knows the Hamilton songs from beginning to end, which helps with history.

This book teaches the kids a lot.  It is a hard cover comic book. Which is unusual by itself.  The golden brown words are direct quotes so the kids will know right away.  They make this book easy to follow and understand.  Desiree and I both give it an A+.

A fascinating and entertaining biography of Alexander Hamilton, in graphic novel format.

Alexander Hamilton: The Fighting Founding Father! tells the story of one of the most ambitious and controversial figures in American history in a graphic novel format. From a rough childhood on the Caribbean island of Nevis to the highest levels of American politics, Alexander Hamilton’s life was filled with adventure, conflict, and controversy. Full-color illustrations and an entertaining narrative make this graphical biography of America’s first Secretary of the Treasury accessible for readers of all ages.


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