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simply earth

I have been wanted to start making more things from the oils and coconut butter that I have here.  All of it is all natural and is so much better for us.  Well it seems like something always gets in my way of doing it.  Well no more!  Simply earth has a monthly subscription box that will send me everything I need, the natural oils, and more, plus all the recipes I need.  I am so excited to try this.

simply earth

Just the oils are hard to find the right ones, and can be pricey.  But this subscription box gives you 5 oils each month, 5 – 7 recipes, and more for only $39 per month, what a deal!  They have other option to purchase their boxes, once per quarter, or just this time.  You can pause or cancel anytime.  They give you free shipping.  They also have 100% money back guarantee!!

Below is a video of February box that you can order today!

Remember these are 100% pure oil, they have not been cut with anything.  They make the recipes seem easy in the video.  When I get my box I will take lots of pictures.

Another great thing about simply earth is 13% of profits go to help end human trafficking.

Wouldn’t it be nice to stop using so many chemicals around your family?  My granddaughter, Betty, has health issues from being born so early, she is 4 now.  But her Mother is not supposed to use chemicals in her house anymore so I am going to have her check this site out and get this ordered for her.  I think it would teach her a lot about how to use the oils, and get her away from using so many chemical.

They have a lot of great items you can purchase from their website including essential oils, accessories, things for around the house, and gift cards if you are not quite sure what to buy.

simply earth

Well I received my first box and it was full of great things for this time of the year.

simply earth

I love this, shopping at Simply Earth means that YOU are helping to rehabilitate human trafficking victims. Their monthly causes give counseling, training, and take a holistic approach on giving these women a hope for their future.  13% of profits are donated, which is awesome!

simply earth

Look at all the goodies inside this box, I was so impressed.  I received 7 recipes plus a ring to keep them all on, coconut oil, 2 empty glass roll-on containers, 2 empty inhalers, 1 blend bottle, and even the labels for each recipe.

simply earth

Plus the oils; Head Soothing, Breathe Easy, Blood Orange, Eucalyptus, and peppermint.  The coconut oil is used to dilute the oil because you do not want to use it full strength, but it makes the little bottles go a lot further.

simply earth simply earth

With the recipes you will put all this to use and still have lots more leftover.  I love how they have included everything you need.  All of these things can add up to just see if you want to try it, with the Simply earth Essential Oil Recipe Box you get everything all together.  What a great deal!

simply earth

With my fibromyalgia I had to try the Point Pain Roll-on Relief first.  It took about 2 minutes and now I can take this with me in my purse.  It does help, and since it is natural it is better than taking more pills any day!

This one is for my headaches, which I get a lot.  No pills again!  I love how easy this is to use.  Again just throw it in my purse, no more big bottle of pills to carry around.  All of these recipes are so easy, only 1 needs other materials that are not in the kit but it is for Cold & Flu Bath Soak so I cannot wait to make that one.  I will not need much I just do not currently have epsom salt on hand.

I did change it up a little too.  They have a recipe for Sinus Relief Roll-on which I made as one of the inhaler.  Right now with all the sinus issues going around and I always have issues anyways, it is nice to know I can breathe quickly just by using the inhaler.  The inhaler is just a strip of tight cotton put into the plastic container with a top, you can also use it like a rub on your chest.

I have to say this kit made me very happy.  I was able to try 5 new essential oils, with 7 different recipes.  If you have ever priced 100% pure oil you know it is very pricey, so to get everything in this kit for one price is amazing.  If you want to try essential oils this is the way to do it!

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I received this product to give my honest opinion.


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  1. The roll on pain relief sounds like it would be something I would really love to try out. Going to have to check into it for sure.

  2. simply earth’s essential oil subscription box looks like so much fun! I have wanted to use essential oils for diffusers & bath products but have not have the time or money to do so. These kits appear really nice! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This sounds awesome! I’ve always wanted to make things with essential oils and other natural products but never have had the gumption to do it. I love the idea of this box.

  4. I love this!! EO’s are such a life changer!! We use them all the time for SO many things! I love that this little kit comes with instructions and everything you need to get use out of them!

  5. Oh my gosh, I am just in love with this!! We just got started with a few essential oils, lavendar for headaches and relaxation. and peppermint for nausea. We put the lavender and some clary sage in coconut oil with jojoba and shea for a massage oil. Amazing how effective these powerful oils are!

  6. I am just now learning about essential oils. I hope to expand my knowledge more in the new year.
    Georgette C

  7. I love using essential oils. They have been very beneficial for me. I will have to check into this further. Thank you for sharing

  8. I really wish I had an income so I could invest in essential oils! I really like that they have recipes! I could use them for so many things!!! I have health issues that I know they would help with.

  9. I hear a lot about essential oils. I have never tried any. Would be interesting to learn what the different oils are far and what the benefits would be.

  10. These sound like wonderful essential oil, I have been getting more and more use out of the essential oils that
    I have been using here.

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