Sitka Salmon Shares Great Prices On Seafood


Sitka Salmon Shares Great Prices On Seafood

If you like seafood then you need to check out some of the below special prices they sent to me just for you! You will get the freshest seafood you have ever had from Sitka Salmon Shares. I am speaking from experience.

For the first time, Sitka Salmon Shares is proud to offer year-round deliveries beginning in January. Monthly and bimonthly options mean you’ll have ongoing access to the premium Alaska seafood you love. From now to October 31st, members can receive the deepest discount of the year. By signing up, existing members can continue 2021 box pricing to the first 3 deliveries.

Seafood is a great treat for any meal but it is one of the easily criticized proteins for it’s impact on the environment. Climate change, overfishing or large quantities of by-catch, it is understandable how many might be reluctant to regularly consume wild-caught seafood. However, Sitka Salmon Shares, a boat-to-doorstep seafood company, has created a community of small-boat fishermen, foodies and consumers who support responsibly sourced seafood. The company works closely with their fishermen to ensure quality is preserved from the moment it leaves the water to when it’s served onto your plate with complete traceability.

Their 2022 subscriptions have just launched with year-long subscription plans starting January. Current enrolled members can be the early birds to take advantage of the deepest discounts of the year by using the corresponding codes below by October 31st!
  • Premium Seafood Subscription Box, $159 per month/ At least 4.5lb per box

    • Save $90 using one of the follow codes:

      • Monthly Purchases: PremiumMonthly90

      • Annual Payments: PremiumAnnual90

  • Seafood Subscription Box, $139 per month/ At least 4.5lb per box

    • Save $60 using one of the following codes

      • Monthly Purchases: SeafoodMonthly60

      • Annual Payments: SeafoodAnnual60

  • Salmon Subscription Box, $129 per month/ At least 4.5lbs per box

    • Save $30 using one of the following codes

      • Monthly and Annual Purchases: Salmon30
For any new potential subscribers, use code EB25 to get $25 off your subscription.

Their wild seafood is specifically handled from the moment it is caught from the frigid water of the North Pacific waters. This fish is immediately iced, hand-filleted, and blast-frozen for sashimi-grade  quality and the freshest of taste.  When we went fishing in Alaska the fisherman immediately took it to the place, that is on the dock sides, that fillets and flash freezes it.  This is how it is handled there and that is why it is the freshest!


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