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Sitka Salmon Shares Knows How To Do Salmon and Halibut

Sitka Salmon Knows How To Do Salmon and Halibut

Sitka Salmon Shares Knows How To Do Salmon and Halibut

Sitka Salmon Shares has the best tasting Salmon and Halibut I have tasted since I caught my own in Alaska.  It always tastes best if you catch it, but for the next best thing, Sitka Salmon Shares is it.  We purchase salmon quite often to try to eat healthy, but Sitka Salmon Shares has the freshest fish we have had in a very long time. Halibut is our favorite but it can be hard to find where I live, until now! They even send you recipes and have more on their website so you can fix your seafood a new way each time.

Sitka Salmon Shares purchases their fish directly from the fisherman who caught them.  They even pay them a premium so they get the best choices! This way they can track exactly where the fish was caught and package it immediately.  They deal with fisherman-owners so they encourage ownership and reward hard work with only high-quality fisherman. They guarantee their fish is traceable to the source so you will know where it comes from.

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I received both the salmon and halibut and seriously if you like fish even a little, you will really enjoy the dinners you can make! This is not only fresh but the taste is like no other when it comes to not having any kind of too strong of taste and is just plain great food.  This is seriously good seafood! No more grocery store salmon for us, I can tell a huge difference, this tastes so much better.

Their wild seafood is specifically handled from the moment it is caught from the frigid water of the North Pacific waters. This fish is immediately iced, hand-filleted, and blast-frozen for sashimi-grade  quality and the freshest of taste.  When we went fishing in Alaska the fisherman immediately took it to the place, that is on the dock sides, that fillets and flash freezes it.  This is how it is handled there and that is why it is the freshest!

This flash freezing makes for sure when it gets to your dinner table you will notice a huge difference.  I know that we did.  The salmon is so much better than anything you can buy in the store. The halibut tastes just like what we caught and shipped home.  We used the recipes they sent us for the 2nd meal of each one, Bridgette’s Coho Ceviche and Tart Cherry Halibut Bruschetta, they were delicious!

Sitka Salmon Shares conservation-minded fisherman fish scientifically-managed fisheries. They use targeted gear types exclusively, which are better for marine mammals and seafloor habitat.

Wild seafood has one of the lowest carbon footprints of any animal protein.  By freezing, barging and trucking most of their fish they produce 97% less CO2 than flown-fresh fish.  They even purchase carbon offsets.  They have set a goal of carbon neutrality by 2023.

They donate 1% of their revenue to environmental and food-systems non-profits, charities, ad initiatives they believe in. The boxes and shipping materials they use are recyclable.  The foam cooler material is made of a special foam that is compostable in a home-compost heap or you can dissolve it in the sink for a nutritious plant food.

Community Supported Fishery members purchase their very own “shares” of their harvest. Similar to preorders or vegetable shares ordered through your favorite CSA, these purchases determine how much fish their fishermen catch! After that, CSF members receive a monthly home seafood delivery – their “share” – of their wild Alaskan catch, ranging 4.5-5lbs per month and ranging 3-9 months during the CSF season (April thru December). Example below –

The Premium Sitka Seafood Share is the only share projected to include king salmon, Bairdi crab*, and albacore tuna, as well as double the halibut and sablefish (black cod) of any other share. They anticipate these choice offerings will be mixed with a medley of Sitka coho salmon, Bristol Bay sockeye salmon, Pacific cod, and Dungeness crab*.

My followers can get a special discount with code MSMFish on their website so get yours today!


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