Sitnstand For A Little Help Getting Up


Sitnstand For A Little Help Getting Up

Do you have a loved one that has trouble raising out of their seat? Then Sitnstand can really help them.  SitnStand Portable Smart Rising Seat helps those who struggle to sit and stand with confidence and is a helpful gift idea. SitnStand was created to help solve a problem that so many people face, whether recovering from an injury or just weakened muscles from age – getting up out of a chair can present a challenge that can lead to safety and independence issues.


With four height levels for inflation the seat has ergonomic, air-driven technology that delivers a rising flat surface ensuring people with balance and strength inconsistencies can stand with greater confidence without the risk of falls. SitnStand makes it possible to get in and out of any chair independently providing a safer, more controlled sit-to-stand without the help of relatives, friends or caregivers.

SitnStand is a Portable, Smart Rising Seat, Portable Lift Chair, developed to help the elderly maintain their independence as long as possible. This lift chair is easy to use, hassle-free, it is perfect for senior housing independent living and the perfect gift for seniors.

  • No Installation
  • No Assembly
  • No Sweat
  • SAFE & EASY: NO installation, NO assembly, NO sweat !! The medical seat lift assist with the effect of recliners for elderly is revolutionary. Simple up/down buttons will inflate / deflate the cushion steadily as you sit on it and stand up
  • MOST CHAIR TYPES: for sitting on sofas, couches, standard chairs, armchairs and can even fit a non lifting recliner. The universal seniors standup support device may free you of other assistance
  • PATENTED (No US10400907): lifts adults up to weight of 265Lbs (120kg) and thanks to its 4 inflating height levels – it is handy for small or tall. Elder will find it an adjustable helper at home or outdoor
  • FOR EXTENDED SITTING PERIODS: Comfort is essential! Even when perfecting ergonomic designs for steady aid -we made sure you feel like you are still sitting in your spot on the sofa (at level 0)
  • PORTABLE, LIGHT-WEIGHT & WASHABLE: weighs only 6.6Lbs (3kg) including carry bag with strap, battery and charger. The cushion seat cover is removable, and machine wash safe. Uplift yourself today!

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