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Skys Amazing Dream @AmazingSkyDog

Skys Amazing Dream

Skys Amazing Dream

Do you have a child that loves dogs?  I know my granddaughter Betty does and she is perfect for this book.  Skys Amazing Dream will entertain her know while she is learning to read and as she gets a little older and can read it on her own.  She really loves to hear about Sky’s dreams.

Skys Amazing Dream is an enchanting fable. Sky sees himself as a human child and dreams of going to school like a regular kid. But one day, Sky dreams really big – of having magical powers (like turning rocks into gold) a movie career and a Hollywood castle, all devoted to making kids happy as pie…the US president even pronounces the canine King Sky! But at the dream’s end, the imaginative canine just wants to be home in the Big White House with his family.

“Sky’s Amazing Dream,” is a great gift for children ages 4-8.”  Stevens tells an entertaining story about his real dog, a Golden Retriever named Sky whom he lovingly calls “The Boy. His sons have grown and Sky is the son who stays home.


”Sky’s Amazing Dream is…for…dog lovers, full of appealing fantasies: a hot-air balloon that takes sad, lonely kids to their happy times and the castle that always shows free movies along with serving complimentary popcorn and candy. Madison’s (A Walk in the Woods 2010) photographs of Sky, do a nice job of incorporating fantastical and real elements. But among all this dreaminess the most moving photo of all is the one that’s the most realistic and diverse. Sky visiting the hospital, ears drooping and face serious. If kids were sad Sky was sad too,” writes Stevens. Good dog.” “The ability of dogs to connect emotionally with humans turns out to be the real magic of this sweet little story.” KIRKUS REVIEWS

This is a super cute book for all the dog loving kids.  The pictures go great with the story.  The story is easy to follow for reading or being read to.

For kids ages 4-8. Written by bestselling author and father of two grown sons, Mark Stevens loves to tell crazy and funny stories. Ever since Sky was a puppy Mark put Sky to bed every night by reading a story to him. Sky would smile and then fall asleep. One day, Mark said, “you know Sky, I think the time has come to write a story about you.” The next morning Sky told Mark that he had an amazing dream and that’s how this book got started.

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​www.storymonsters.com/bookbriefs/author-spotlight-mark-stevens Interview with Stevens

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