Smart Watch UMIDIGI Urun

Smart Watch

Smart Watch UMIDIGI Urun

This Smart Watch UMIDIGI Urun is a smart watch that has a GPS activity tracker. This watch comes in several colors and can be used by both men and women.  The Smart Watch UMIDIGI Urun has a Blood Oxygen Monitor and Heart Rate Monitor. This is great to have to know when you have your heart rate up to the level you need it to be.

UMIDIGI Urun is a round smartwatch, 44mm in diameter, constructed by light-weight Aluminum frame. Displayed by a 1.1 inch round full color screen. Two Button on the right side together with touching screen provides smooth operating experience.

I love the color of this band and they watch is really nice looking. Easy set up and the battery life is as advertised. There is a built in compass so I will know which directions I am walking or need to find my way back to where I started. With a ton of features that make this a very affordable, well made smart watch.

smart watch

Urun Smartwatch is able to monitor the activity of 17 sports: run, outdoor walk, cycle, treadmill, indoor walking, bike, hike, climb, rower, badminton, elliptical, football, basketball, tennis, yoga, dance, train. You can also check the complete training data in the Paiactive app. It will provide good guidance for your exercise, and greatly helps to achieve goals in sports.

Real-Time Sport Heart Rate Monitoring, record Your Every Beat. You can view your heart rate changes during exercise and optimize your exercise and track your progress. With the help of the built-in blood oxygen sensor, you can simply touch to know your blood oxygen level.

Urun monitors your different sleeping stages and awake time and helps you establish a regular bedtime routine. Also, it can remind you to drink water, have medication, and record your all-day activity.

Urun supports 2 different positioning systems: GPS and GLONASS with a highly precise dual-satellite positioning system. It’s very convenient since you can check out the real-time pace and distance in the watch. Urun Provide you with accurate directions at any time, to tell you the right and key outdoor information, maintain your safety and help your daily schedule. It is the best choice for outdoor sports enthusiasts.

The Urun smartwatch has the function of a flashlight. The screen emits a certain brightness so that you can get a illumination in the dark environment. Vibrate to remind you in time of anything important and display the messages directly on the watch, give you a smart and intimate reminders.

The weather forecast feature gives you a real-time view of the day’s weather conditions so you can know what the weather is like while you’re out and about. It will be a thoughtful helper for traveling, dressing, exercising and travelling in your daily life.

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  1. I workout everyday and run. This looks like the sports watch for me. I love how it tracks so many different types of activities. I also love the weather forecast feature, which is super helpful if I want to go for a run. I also love how it tracks sleep patterns, which could really help me.

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