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Smell Cleaner With FunkAway

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Smell Cleaner With FunkAway

Do you have some smells you just can’t get rid of?  What about that dog smell on the back porch? Or the laundry from the kids?  FunkAway can help you forever rid yourself of those smells.

One for your gym bag, one for the car, one for your laundry room, one for your workplace — you get the idea. Wherever the day takes you, there’s a convenient FunkAway product to fit your lifestyle. Each option has the same odor-eliminating power you need to banish embarrassing smells.

Don’t just cover up odors. Eliminate them. Use FunkAway in addition to your regular detergent to bring your stained and funky-smelling clothes back to life. The exclusive OM Complex eliminates the toughest odors to keep things smelling fresh. Safe for pets and non-toxic. Works in both regular and high-efficiency (HE) washing machines.

Stop masking odors with flowery sprays FunkAway’s beads don’t just cover up odors, they eliminate them These odor absorbing beads soak up the smells and remove them from the air.

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Supercharged with FunkAway exclusive OM Complex – designed to eliminate the toughest odors to keep any room smelling fresh. Beads work on pet odors, smoke smells, bathroom stink, car scents, and all other funk. Works hard to keep your space smelling clean for up to 90 days.

They have a variety of products to choose from –

  • Pump Spray for Shoes (8 oz.), $7.99 (Perfect for those stinky boots or sneakers after a long day of hiking or sports – awesome stocking stuffer)
  • Odor Eliminating Beads (12 oz.), $10.99 (Great for the locker room, campsite or inside a “funky” tent)
  • Odor Eliminator Spray for Big Jobs (13.5 oz.), $7.99 (Can spray this on most “funky” types of sports or camping gear to eliminate the funk – sports equipment, backpacks, sleeping bags)
  • Max Strength Laundry Booster (32 oz.), $15.99 (great for most sports/camp essentials if you are washing your gear. Add to detergent and eliminate the odor)
  • More products coming in 2021!

You can find FunkAway on Amazon and at thousands of other retailers, including Walmart, Jewel and Meijer.




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  1. Funkaway sounds like a great product! Perfect for so many, I love that they have something for all kinds of smells. We could definitely use some of their products as a busy family of 5!

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