Snocca Nails Are Reusable

Snocca Nails Are Reusable

Snocca Nails Are Reusable

I see so many women with beautiful fingernails and wondered if they had to pay to have someone do that.  Now I know! Snocca Nails lets you have beautiful nails and reuse them over and over.  Talk about saving money on having them done professionally.  Snocca Nails  luxury press-on nails look great on and everyone will compliment you on your fingernails. They are just beautiful and have lots of designs to choose from.

Snocca Nail Art introduces a variety of original designs with creativity and passion, breaking with the codes of traditional nail art. They believe that achieving something extraordinary requires extreme effort, therefore, they spend countless hours to perfect each and every design. Their designs are unique and beautiful.  Get something that really makes your nails stand out!

This handy case they come in gives you a great place to store these when not in use.  This set includes 42 nails in 20 different sizes, so you can find the exact fit! This includes 10 Accent Nails and 2 Crystal-Embellished Nails. They have a gel finish so you know they will stand up without chipping off. They feel different because they are thinner than most of the other brands. They almost feel like natural nails.  That also gives them a better fit. They stay on for over a week!

Desiree put these on and they look great.  It took her about 5 minutes and she has a beautiful set of nails.

With their innovative glueless adhesive, it is super easy to remove Snocca Nails at any time without leaving glue stains. That means, with proper care and removal, it is almost like reapplying brand new nails! Plus, you can change up as often as you desire to match your outfits or makeup at any moment. Extra glueless adhesives are available in our store for reapplication purposes.

Not Keen On Splurging $80+ On That Luxury Acrylic Manicure? Pamper Yourself With These Finest Quality Press-On On Nails At Only $16.95 and up! Stylish Designs, Long Lasting, & Zero Damage Promised. We Only Use Durable High Standard Material For You To Enjoy The Deluxe Quality & Spa Experience In One Handsome Package. As you can see this is a much cheaper alternative to a salon acrylic manicure that many women get.

They are made from premium quality ABS plastic resin and are super thin.  These nails are made to last not just wear once.  It is so worth the affordable price to have something you can use again. Your nails will look better than any of your friends.  Get a variety so you can wear different nails all the time.  By the time to reuse one they will love the first ones all over again!


✓ Premium Quality & Instantly Perfect

✓ Exceptional Designs

✓ Long-Lasting & Comfortable Wear

✓ Zero Damage To Natural Nails. Promised!

Each Snocca Manicure Kit includes a glueless adhesive strip. Innovatively formulated in their lab, it is designed to protect your natural nails and to hold securely. However, Snocca Nails can be applied with your own glue if you prefer. Snocca Pedicures are self-adhesive.

They specialize in designing and manufacturing luxury press-on nails that is vegan, cruelty-free, & instantly perfect in 5 mins.

Snocca Nails



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  1. I am a gardener and my nails look it during the spring and summer. I like temporary fake nails because I feel like they give me the freedom to have nice nails for an event but don’t have to really commit to long nails. This does sound like it would be easy to find the right fit for your nails.

  2. These are really pretty press on nails they look so real too. My two daughters would love these especially the nails with the beautiful gems.

  3. These nails look like great quality! My daughters love to wear fake nails and these would be perfect for them!

  4. These are super cute! I love how absolutely on trend these nails are… especially with covid happening… I am high risk and I am definitely not up for risking my health to be cute. 🙂

  5. So pretty!! This sounds like a great option for me because it can be very pricey and time consuming to get my nails done professionally! Thanks for the recommendation!

  6. These nails are beautiful and sound like they are great quality as well! Thank you so much for sharing. I have never had good luck with stick on nails, as they never seem to stay on. I will have to give these a try.

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