Sock Footage Buy A Pair and Donate A Pair

Sock Footage

Sock Footage Buy A Pair and Donate A Pair

If you wear socks, like most people, you should check out Sock Footage.  When you buy a pair of socks they give one away!  You can choose to receive it and then donate to the organization in your area, or they can take care of donating them for you. Sock Footage doesn’t fool around with socks either, they know quality when they see it!  Even the donated pair are high quality socks.

Socks make great gifts, especially the ones from Sock Footage!  They have all kinds of great designs and sayings. They even have a subscription plan where you can get 2 news pairs of socks each month for yourself and 2 pairs to donate. Not only will you look good, but you will feel good about giving back and making a difference. Commit to a monthly, six-month or annual subscription plan and gain access to exclusive styles at preferred prices. Looking for the perfect gift? Treat someone to a membership!

I absolutely love the designs they sent me and so does Desiree.  Of course she wants all of them but the one that says ‘This girl needs a nap’ I might have to keep. The next time you need socks consider Sock Footage and then donate to a local shelter in your area.  They really will appreciate it, and you will feel great! Where else can you feel good about buying socks?

The subscription plan includes mens or womens socks.  You can pay monthly, twice a year, or yearly.  You also decide whether to receive the socks for donation or have them send a donation to Ve’ahavta, who are committed to distributing supplies to homeless people via their mobile outreach van. They ship the surprise socks out within a few days of you placing your order.  Each month the order will be shipped either at the beginning of the month or middle of the month.

These are the thick pair to donate.  They can be worn by both men and women.  They don’t skimp on the quality of the donated pair either, these are nice socks.  You may be tempted to keep them, but remember socks are the most needed, but least donated items at homeless shelters. I donated mine to a shelter near where my Mother lives.  They were thrilled to have them as people are down on their luck and appreciate anyway of staying warm in colder months.

Sock Footage was born out of a desire to combine a passion for socks with giving back to those less fortunate. Their main goal is to encourage consumers to reclaim that in-person donation experience while using technology to share highlights of the moment and how it made them feel.




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  1. What a great sock company, I love that they donate a pair for each one that you buy! They have so many cute designs too, something for the whole family. Thank you so much for sharing!

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