Speakman Hotel Pure Filtered Shower Head

Speakman Hotel Pure Filtered Shower Head

Speakman Hotel Pure Filtered Shower Head

I like having a filtered shower head because it makes me think I am just that much cleaner. With this Speakman Hotel Pure Filtered Shower Head I can feel better knowing that it will remove things I did not even know were there. Speakman Hotel Pure Filtered Shower Head looks nice and would make a nice update in any bathroom.

When you purchase this it includes an internal filtering cartridge. They recommend changing this every 6 month.

Speakman Hotel Pure Filtered Shower Head is equipped with 58 individual sprays so everyone will be able to take a shower with the levels they want.  It has  WaterSense Certified 2.0 GPM flow rate.  It also is made from a corrosion-resistant brushed nickel finish

• 5 plungers with 50 sprays, 8 massage jets, 3 spray patterns
• Patented Anystream® plungers resist scale build-up
• Spray adjusting handle
• 10,000 gallon/6 month filter life
• Plastic body construction, with brass ball nut
• 1/2” -14 NPTF female inlet
• Corrosion resistant finishes

The fundamental purpose of a shower is to get clean. But when water journeys through plumbing, it collects chlorine, iron, dirt, and other unwanted elements that can adversely affect the health of your hair and skin. The Speakman Hotel Pure S-2005-HBFBNE2 Filtered Low Flow Shower Head features an internal filtering system that can remove up to 99% of chlorine and other harmful contaminants from your shower water. Equipped with 58 customizable sprays – this fixture will deliver a powerfully clean experience. Every Hotel Pure Shower Head comes with a complimentary FS-1 Filter, which we recommend replacing every six months to ensure the cleanest shower possible.

• ASME A112.18.1/CSA B125.1 certified
• NSF/ANSI 177-2014 certified, FS-1, S-2005-HBF
& S-2005-HBF-E2 only
• CEC (CA Energy Commission) certified, 1.75 GPM only
• WaterSense certified, 2.0

This has a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Speakman has everything you need for faucets, and showers.


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  1. I love the adjustable spray functions that feel like a massage. With 58 customizable sprays, everyone has the option of choosing a comfortable one to fit their needs.

  2. Wow! What an awesome shower head. Love that it has it’s own filter alleviating the need for that ugly filter you install between the pipe and your shower head. The 58 options for sprays is also a plus!

  3. This comes with a steep price but is a highly regarded brand in water fixtures. Thanks for the review!

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