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Sports Bungee Jumper – Let The Kids Jump For Exercise

Bungee Jumper

Bungee Jumper

Sports Bungee Jumper can get the kids off their phones and in front of the television and outside!  They can jump for some exercise and just to get some fresh air.  Let them get exercise while having a blast jumping!

Bounce around and have fun for hours with the Bungee Jumper from Monkey Business Sports. The Jumper brings the springy fun of “pogoing” to younger children who have not yet developed the motor skills and balance to use a traditional pogo stick. This is a pogo bouncer that allows you to jump high and perform tricks in the air. The jumper features a squishy foam base with a tethered handle. It measures 21 inches tall from the base to the handle. This product is recommended for ages 6 years and up.

Soft foam pogo bouncer that is easy to use by smaller children! This still does support 250 pounds.  With this jumper you can practice new tricks to use later on your skates and snowboarding. I love that you can play with this inside or outside. This is a quality product that will last a long time. It has a slip resistant bottom to keep little ones safe.

Get more bounce for the ounce with the one-and-only soft foam pogo bouncer! Hop on, grab hold of the tethered handle and get jumping. The more “oomph” you put into it, the more height you’ll get out of it!

You can grab this at Amazon and on their website.

Shoppers can enter Code: MBS&MSM and received 15% off orders over $30 this holiday season on their website.

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  1. What an exciting and fun way for them to get exercise! All three of my kids would have a blast on this. I can’t believe it has a weight limit of 250lbs, that’s amazing!

  2. Our goal in choosing Christmas gifts this year for the grandchildren is to give them other things to do besides their electronics. This sounds like so much fun and great exercise. Thank you so much for sharing

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