Spray Erase – Dry Erase Spray Marker

Spray Erase

Spray Erase – Dry Erase Spray Marker

Spray Erase is a great way to decorate your white board.  Just spray any design on the white board and wipe it off when your done.  Use the whiteboard over and over again with only the best designs.  Each day can have a new, fun sprayed on design.  Use it just like a giant marker. Spray Erase can be used around the house to remind someone of an appointment, start off the kid’s day with fun, or just use it for a fun art project when you have time.

This is a erasable spray paint in a can for whiteboards. It targets the spray so you can control where it goes, so your design will be perfect.  This would be great for business meetings to get everyone’s attention. This erases easily so you can redecorate your board with ease.

Create messages, designs, and art. All of these will be unique and show off your artist skills. There are endless possibilities with these marker shaped cans. Comes with 4 Colors: Red, Black, Green, Blue

Spray Erase is an erasable paint solution that allows you to spray and fill large areas on a whiteboard. It is easy to create clear messages using stencils and erases with ease. Mix and match spray erase colors, create unique art in new ways. Spray Erase is easy to use and fun for everyone.

Spray Erase

With 4 colors, make unique designs using each color. Or get creative and use multiple colors at one time! Using different colors can create interesting, new effects that your typical dry erase marker can not do.

Get this and make learning fun and active for everyone. Give everyone a chance to show what they can make with a simple whiteboard. The mess cleans up super easily and you can do it another day.

Great for at home activities with the kids. Great for classrooms or boardrooms. Will keep your children more engaged with learning new topics. Get creative and different with lessons.






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  1. My daughter has a huge dry erase board in her room and would go crazy over this! My boys may even have fun too! Thanks for sharing!!

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