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St Petersburg Florida Was A Blast

St Petersburg Florida Was A Blast

We were able to go to St Petersburg Florida last week and has so much fun and relaxation.  The website VisitStPeteclearwater.com helped to make it great.  This is part of the VisitFlorida.com  I always visit this website before I go to Florida so I can plan everything we want to do..  They have great recommendations for places to stay, eat, and to do.

The beaches are truly as beautiful as the pictures.  But there is so much more to do in St Pete.

I forgot my camera at home and went and bought a cheap camera and it wasn’t worth the price so I need to use other pictures.  Most of the pictures came from the website above.

We found some fun shopping areas like John’s Pass Village.  Madison got a henna tattoo, Desiree got a Harry Potter wand at Universal Studios, and they both found a lot more.  At John’s Pass Village you can shop and eat at some great restaurants.  The restaurants rang from Hooters to great seafood.  We took the girls to Hooters since they had never been there and were thinking it was wayyyy worse lol.  The girls had fun and enjoyed how friendly the waitresses were.  Everyone we talked to, no matter where we visited, were super friendly.

We were not able to visit but we heard a lot of great things about Clearwater Beach.  Florida’s beaches have so much to offer.  Dinner cruises, dolphin watching cruises, plus all the great water sports.  If I got back I will stay near Clearwater beach to try a different location and new beaches.

We planned for going to farmer’s markets.  We love to get fresh fruit from wherever we are staying.  We also found a local flea market.

The girls had a blast and went swimming a lot.  we found new restaurant for every meal.  We were even able to sneak away and go to dinner alone.  We found 1 place, downdown St Petersburg,  that served Argentina beef and it was awesome.  We were served on a cutting board with about 8 different steaks.  Each one was unique with little seasonings needed.

I highly recommend visiting St Pete/Clearwater area for a great places to visit!  Remember to visit VisitStPeteclearwater.com to plan your trip.



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  1. I’ve never been to St. Petersburg before. I love the palm trees on the beach. Thanks for posting!

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