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Starling Kids Body Care

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Starling Kids Body Care

Starling Kids Body Care

Get your kids started using their very own body care. Starling Kids Body Care is made for kids, tweens, teens, or any age. They are one of the strongest on the market for kids and it is made with all natural and organic ingredients. This is their
Kid’s Starter Set.

Kids Starter Set includes their best selling Birthday Cake kid’s deodorant, Fresh Cleanser, plus Starling Hydrating Lip Balm. We want your kids to have all of the necessary personal care and skincare products they need everyday to stay safe, clean and smelling fresh!

This lip gloss feels so good on.

This Starling Kids Body Care gel cleanser smells great. It works great and is better than other cleansers.

Help your children develop good cleansing habits with a product that’s designed for delicate skin.

Starling’s Fresh cleanser is hand-crafted with all-natural ingredients and free of harsh irritants, common allergens, phthalates, sulfates, parabens, and toxins.

Fresh locks in moisture while keeping breakouts and excess oil at bay. Kids love its light gel texture and foaming action. They also love the fresh herbal scent and the way their face feels after each use — fresh and invigorated, with skin that is hydrated.

This child safe deodorant is Aluminum free and free of nuts, gluten, soy, and all the toxins found in other popular deodorant brands. Safe for every boy and girl.

Roll on deodorants can be messy and drip, this stick deodorant is easy to apply for every child and teen. Made for all activity levels and perfect for on the go.

This gentle 100% plant based formula moisturizes the skin, won’t irritate, contains pure essential oils, and is made for all body and skin types. Kids & adults love it!

Starling Skincare




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  1. These sound like great body care products for kids! I personally love that the deodorant is Birthday Cake scented, much better than the classic baby powder scent! My girls would love it.

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