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Starlux Games – Glow Battle Best Kids Party Ever!


Starlux Games - Glow Battle

Starlux Games – Glow Battle Best Kids Party Ever!

Have a party for kids coming up?  Or maybe a birthday party that y ou want to be a big hit? Starlux Games – Glow Battle is a great way to get them outside for the party and having a blast!  The kids are going to love this glow-in-the-dark battle.  Plus they have other games with their glow-in-the-dark theme.

Starlux Games - Glow Battle

Amp up the excitement of your next birthday party, sleepover or other group gathering with an epic glowing battle! Players use (harmless) foam weapons to embark on a quest and compete in up to 10 organized sword fighting games. They embark on an imaginative journey inspired by medieval knights and contemporary ninjas. They work together and defeat their opponents using speed, stealth and strategy. They run, jump, swing and hide. They battle with glowing swords!

Designed for players ages 8 and up, the game modes are easy to set up and even easier to learn. Nearly all of them use this simple layout:

  1. Select your playing field and divide into two teams
  2. Create a “Regeneration Station” (aka home base) by placing the four Regen Markers in a 10 foot square on the ground
  3. Turn on all the lights
  4. Start inside your teams’ Regen Station
  5. Play!

Of the 10 game options, the most popular play mode is called “Epic Glow Battle.” The quest is simple: Fight your opponents until they’re all defeated! The first time players are hit by an opponent, they return to their Regen Station, switch their bracelets to “flash” mode then return to play. If they get hit a second time, they’re out until the next round. Play until only one team remains.

Other game options include “Gladiators,” “Knights of Old,” “Vampires” and others. Get hit in the leg while playing our “Wound” variation and you’ll have to hop on one foot, or abandon weapons all together and instead try to steal the lights in “Thieves & Guards.” Whichever game option you choose, you’ll never hear “I’m bored” with Glow Battle. Hooting, hollering and war cries are far more common! So gather your team, light up the battlefield and get ready for fast-paced action.

Suitable for 2-20 players, ages 8+. All batteries included.

Starlux Games - Glow Battle

  • DUEL YOUR WAY TO VICTORY! Family, friends and neighbors play organized sword fighting games using (harmless!) glowing foam weapons.
  • FOR AGES 8+ AND 2-20 PLAYERS. Choose from 10 different ways to play or create your own! The perfect interactive game for team building, icebreakers and developing strategy for large and small groups.
  • SHARE AN ACTIVE GAME: Get youth off their screens using the 28 glowing game pieces included in this kit. Make exercise fun as boys and girls run, swing and dodge to win.
  • PLAY ALMOST ANYWHERE: Inside a basement, garage or gym with the lights low or outside at nighttime, perfect for birthday parties, sleepovers, scouts, family reunions, summer camps, corporate leadership retreats
  • UNIQUE GIFT IDEA – an exciting alternative to laser tag, flashlight tag, light up LED balls, lawn games, even airsoft or paintball!

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