Start To Be A Fit Snacker With Fit Snack

Start To Be A Fit Snacker With Fit Snack

Start To Be A Fit Snacker With Fit Snack

If you want to try some new, healthier snacking option then Fit Snack is for you. They sent me a whole box of goodies and each one is so much better for you then the regular snack food I have in my house, plus they taste delicious. Fit Snack will send you a box each month so that you can see what you like and maybe even dislike, but you will know before you buy the bigger quantities.

All of the items in this Fit Snack box are healthier options with high-quality ingredients.  As you can see the box is full of goodies from oatmeal to popcorn. Plus to inspire you to live a fit, fun, healthy lifestyle, this box comes with an online workout, yoga, meditation subscription.  This will inspire you in every way they can.

They didn’t forget the kids either, this Brainiac Kids is a cinnamon applesauce with Omega-3s and Choline.  It is really good and tastes fresh made.

You can have breakfast too. With this Ancient Grain & See Superfood Unsweetened Instant Oatmeal.  This starts you off in the mornings in the right direction.

Pop Zero White Cheddar Popcorn makes for a healthier snack.

This makes a nice drink that is full of good stuff. Since it is creamy vanilla bean it is a nice treat in the afternoon. PlantFusion is a fusion of plant-based whole food nutrients that curb hunger and supports weight loss.  You can mix this with water or beverage of your choice, maybe coffee, and shake it up.

This is double chocolate so it will cure any chocolate cravings.  It is soooo good.

This granola doesn’t taste healthy at all, this is an awesome snack.

Fit Snack is a monthly subscription service of healthy snacks, nutritional tips, and fitness inspiration to support your active life style!


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