Stauer Jewelry Has Just What You Need For Great Prices!

Stauer Jewelry

Stauer Jewelry Has Just What You Need For Great Prices!

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it.  Why not get these beautiful DiamondAura Sweetheart Earrings?  Plus you will have money leftover to buy flowers or go out to eat.

The Sweetheart Earrings feature over nine total carats of DiamondAura® stones that sparkle and shine from pure sterling silver settings.  These are very pretty and look like they will last a long time.  As you can see Desiree loves them.

Lab-created DiamondAura stones deliver more stunning fire and clarity than mined diamonds for a fraction of the price. To get nine carats with this level of sparkle from a big designer name you would need to add a decimal point to the price. Overpaying tends to take the romance right out of the equation in our opinion. This is a much sweeter deal.

These are on sale for $14 and so are all the below, plus lot of other choices HERE.  By using code VDAY14 the price will reduce to $14.

You can thank science for the arresting red in Stauer Jewelry’s Red Clover Necklace & Earrings. The rich crimson color of their lab-created DiamondAura® stones share a depth and clarity that easily compares to $5,000 per carat rubies. But the good news is that you won’t even come close to spending that on these pieces. The cushion cut center ruby-red stones are surrounded by sparkling white DiamondAura stones in a lucky four-leaf-clover design. 18K white gold-finished settings. 1 ⅘ carat total weight.

Handmade Florentine artwork elevates these Italian-made bangles into art

These Florentina Fiori bangles come from a workshop that has honored the legacy of handmade Florentine paper art for over three decades. In their light-filled studios you won’t see any high-production equipment, computerized machinery, and certainly no copiers. What you will find are rolls upon rolls of the finest handmade Italian paper awaiting the ingenuity and craftsmanship of the artisans palette.

This age-old art form is showcased beautifully on hinged bangles wide enough to celebrate the exquisite patterns of flowery plumes, graceful leaves and swirling seas of blue and green. These designs are inspired by the traditional Florentine patterns of the Renaissance that are just as admired and appreciated today as they were in the 16th century.

They keep a fashion watch list at Stauer, and two trends have really caught our eye: rose gold materials and puffed lattice designs. Rose gold has a long tradition but is now enjoying a renaissance because pink and blush colors are in vogue this season. Meanwhile, the expansive look of puffed lattice shapes offers a perfect combination of substantive and airy.

Inspired by these two hot trends, we’ve combined both looks to create a Stauer Boutique Exclusive.

The Blushing Rose Ring is an interlaced and expanded, rose gold-finished design of fine latticework, decorated with 16 dazzling crystals. Created to bring color to your cheeks— or the cheeks of those around you— the Blushing Rose Necklace is an on-trend look that holds classic appeal.

The Rock of Love DiamondAura® Green Heart Pendant is a massive 10.5 mm and at almost 5 ½ carats, it has a way of conquering all ” those who were it and those who are mesmerized by its stunning appearance. The heart-shaped, lab-created DiamondAura pendant’s brilliant cut maximizes the fire and radiance of the stone so that the light disperses into an exquisite prism of colors. With the Rock of Love DiamondAura Heart Pendant showcased in a .925 rose gold-finished sterling silver setting, this is your chance to standout and be the boss of love.

There’s a lot of reasons to love these High Five Bangle.

First, their oval shape is incredibly wrist-friendly. Second, they’re fashion-forward–– open a high-fashion magazine and you’ll see similar elegant pieces on the wrists of A-listers. Third, they gleam in your finish of choice–– yellow or white gold. Fourth, they showcase five circles of sparkling DiamondAura®–– our conflict-free and environmentally-friendly stone that uses science to create stones that rival mined diamonds in clarity and color.

And, priced way below those similar bangles showcased in glossy high fashion magazines is reason number five.


Remember to use code VDAY14 the price will reduce to $14.


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  1. They have some pretty pieces of jewelry for great prices, lots of nice jewelry that is affordable and looks like the real thing.

  2. ALL of this jewelry is classy and stunning!
    They look like something royalty would be wearing! The colors and designs would make any woman want to wear any of these precious gems. Perfect gifts! Pin worthy!

  3. ALL of this jewelry is classy and stunning!
    They look like something royalty would be wearing! The colors and designs would make any woman want to wear any of these precious gems. Perfect gifts! Pin worthy!

  4. Such pretty pieces of jewelry. Great prices. You can’t beat this. Thank you for sharing this great company

  5. These pieces are absolutely gorgeous and the prices are very affordable. I would be so happy if my husband got me a piece of jewelry from her for Valentine’s Day!

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