Stay Lit Incense Sticks Relaxation Is Easy

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Stay Lit Incense

Stay Lit Incense Sticks Relaxation Is Easy

When was the last time you burned incense?  It had been years since I did but I am glad I tried the Stay Lit Incense Sticks.  From the minute I received them I could tell they were different!  Opened the package and this beautiful smell came out.  The kind of incense sticks is called Meditation.  That tells me I can relax right away.  It is very important that we invest into self care so that we don’t burn out.

Reverse Karma began with the energy to change the way we think, interact and be kind to others. The ideology behind Karma has been traditionally linked to negativity, and we are here to change that through using our products, movement and love.

It is challenging to fully immerse yourself into meditation in our busy on the go lifestyle. Especially with driving through traffic, cooking dinner, meeting deadlines, and just life. Many struggle to find the time to just live life in the present moment.

Each Stay Lit Incense sets a silent timer where you can take time to meditate, read a book, cook dinner, dance around the house, creating or whatever you choose to to.

Clearing your mind can be very helpful and de-stressing in our busy day to day life.

They have 0curated a few words that go along with each color of the incense in the meditation packs.

They encourage their users to journal and get creative when using our products

Write down a positive word at the beginning of the week and focus on that each time you light a new incense.





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  1. These incense sticks do seem to make relaxation easier and I like how each Stay Lit Incense sets a silent timer.

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