Subarzsweets – The Unique Treat For Anyone!

Subarzsweets – The Unique Treat For Anyone!

Do you like crumb cakes?  Then Subarzsweets is the one for you. These are wonderful with a great big cup of coffee to wake up in the mornings.  Get your caffeine and breakfast and start your day off right.  Maybe just want an afternoon pick-me-up. Plus they have such a great variety to choose from.

Subarzsweets has unique baked goods that are a mixture of the texture of mandelbread and biscotti, then add it the sweet taste of a cookie, can you say YUM!


Subarzsweets Subarz Sweets

This is their Gluten-Free Sample Box.  You can choose what goes in or they can choose some of their best sellers, or maybe something new that they know you will love. You can order as many as you like of 1 flavor of get this sampler box to try 4 of their flavors.


These gluten-free, twice baked Subarz are filled with chocolate chips and the sweetness is enhanced by the dusting of cinnamon sugar along the top and one side of the bar. While gluten-free, these Subarz preserve the taste and texture many have come to love in our original Subarz. Please note that while all ingredients are gluten-free, these Subarz are prepared in a kitchen that contains gluten.

These gluten-free Subarz combine the unique taste combination of fresh lemon and thyme and have been described as a combination lemon square and scone. These are my husband’s favorite he loves lemon.

White Chocolate Raspberry Subarz is one no one can resist!  This included the combination of white chocolate and raspberries and these Subarz combine that delicious taste in a gluten-free treat. Just as good as the original, these delightful Subarz combine the sweet unique taste of white chocolate with the pleasant and slightly tart flavor of raspberries.

This is my favorite called Peanut Butter Delight.  The combination of chocolate and peanut butter has been a favorite of many. These Subarz combine the subtle salty peanut flavor with decadent chocolate resulting in a party for your taste buds. Each bite is filled with this wonderful combination and it is hard to resist eating more than one.

Each one of these has a unique texture and full of flavor.  As soon as you smell them you will know exactly how delicious these are. They have so many flavors I would love to try them all, especially the chocolate ones. These make an awesome gift for Mom, Dad, holidays, or housewarming.  You will be the hit of the party when you open these so serve them at your next get-together or keep them just for yourself, no one can blame you.

Stop by and order your own today!





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  1. These treats sound awesome! The sample boxes are great because then there is something for everyone. I’d enjoy the chocolate peanut butter combo myself

  2. Great to share treats at the office. Then everyone gets to enjoy and it builds good relationships.

  3. Subarz has a gluten-free sampler box which I think is totally awesome! Thank you for sharing!

  4. I had never seen these. They do sound delicious, especially the chocolate & peanut butter. I’m always a fan of those two combined.

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