Succulents Box An Indoor Plant For You

Succulents Box

Succulents Box An Indoor Plant For You

I am not a green thumb at all.  With Succulents Box I can have indoor plants that I don’t kill. They make it so easy and now I get something unique in my house.  I don’t have to constantly spend time on it either.  Succulents Box makes it much easier on me.

Enjoy your gardening with their Indoor Succulent Pack. In this pack, you’ll receive varieties of succulent that are easy to grow, incredibly adaptable, relatively pest-free, and are low maintenance – ideal for any home, office, or garden.

  • Available in a set of 2 or 4 or 6 or 8 or 10 best succulent plants for Indoor Succulent Pack.
  • Each pack contains a random variety of succulents with a size of 2-inches – fully rooted in a plastic pot with soil.

Succulent plants symbolize enduring and timeless love, which makes them a unique, wonderful, and memorable gift for your loved ones. Made just perfect on any occasion!

What I like best about them is they are so affordable.  You could even give some away to a friend to see which one grows best.

The plants are wrapped in plastic so nothing spill out.  No planting just set them by the window for a few days so they can get over the shock of traveling, and you will have a beautiful plant.  You can get them bare-root to ensure they arrive safely. Sometimes customer may receive multiple plants instead of a large one to make up size.

If you want to give someone a unique gift that is inexpensive then you need to check out this company. Whether they like plants or not you can grow these, cause I did.  With help from their instructions you will start a greenhouse in your home.

Succulents Box currently offers more than 300 varieties of succulents (both popular and rare ones) along with 5 monthly subscription boxes. All of their succulents are grown locally in Southern California.

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  1. Succulents are beautiful and I really love how low maintenance they are! I don’t have any right now, but when we move into our new place I’m definitely going to get some! They make any room look great, I love plants!

  2. I love this idea! Plants are beautiful and I love having them but I am horrible at taking care of them. My excuse is that I have 4 kids. This sounds like the perfect idea for me.

  3. I enjoy plants that don’t require a lot of care. These sound like they would be just the thing for me! Thanks for the review!

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