Sugar Babies Hot Cocoa Is Wonderful!! #SMGN @BROOKLYNBEANS1

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Sugar Babies Hot Cocoa Is Wonderful!!

Who has never tried a Sugar Babies?  Serious never?  Ok well you are missing out!  Now for the people who have tried them, you really have to try this Sugar Babies Hot Cocoa, it is so good!  Sugar Babies Hot Cocoa Is Wonderful!!

Sweet, rich, and overflowing with caramelly goodness, Sugar Babies have been an American favorite since the 1930’s. Brew up a cup of Sugar Babies cocoa to savor the chewy caramel treat’s smooth, slow-cooked caramel and candy taste in your favorite mug.

This Sugar Babies Hot Cocoa is rich with a creamy caramel flavor, just like the candy when I was young.  I add my whip cream and there is nothing better it is so good!  I have to admit I have been having this each night at 8 pm when we start to watch our favorite shows, great way for me to relax.

I have not had any trouble with any of the kcups.  Also there is nothing left in the kcup, so really easy for recycling!  All the grandkids tried these and they love them also.  We are so spoiled by Brooklyn Beans but Sugar Babies is one of our top on the fav list.

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Tootsie Roll Hot Cocoas

As America’s favorite chewy chocolate candy, the Tootsie Roll has remained unchanged since it was first introduced in New York City in 1896. Now, there’s another way to enjoy the perfectly chocolaty tastes from the entire Tootsie Roll candy line which include Junior mints, Charleston Chew, and Sugar Babies. We’ve created a new line of creamy hot cocoas based on those iconic candy flavors in single serve cups so you can enjoy each of them, one hot and delicious cup at a time.

Just what you need when you’re craving a sweet treat.  Sugar Babies Hot Cocoa is deliciously creamy chocolate mixed with gooey caramel.  Brew on low setting for extra creaminess.

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  1. I never new that there was a sugar babies flavored hot cocoa. I love sugar babies so I am sure that I would love this hot cocoa flavor.

  2. I have enjoyed Sugar Babies and Tootsie Roll candy since I was young. I would be so happy to try this hot cocoa!

  3. I would love to try this. I haven’t had Sugar Babies in years. I need to check out our one retro candy store and see if they have them.

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