Sunlit Studio Puzzles Are Beautiful

Sunlit Studio Puzzles

Sunlit Studio Puzzles Are Beautiful

As you know I love working puzzles.  They can take hours or weeks to complete but they really keep me busy when I get bored. I discovered Sunlit Studio Puzzles cause I wanted something beautiful instead of the same type of picture most puzzle have.  Sunlit Studio Puzzles are full of bright colors and are not a puzzle you will put together in 1 day. I want a challenge when I do puzzles and this one gives me one.

This one is On The Sunny Side of the Sink puzzle.  Based on a watercolor painting of just-washed glasses drying on a dishtowel, On the Sunny Side of the Sink is for the puzzler who enjoys a challenge. It features reflections inside reflections inside reflections and a puzzle party full of happy, saturated colors.

Everybody loves watercolor, but have you ever seen a watercolor jigsaw puzzle? Explore this fresh, colorful puzzles by artist Robin St. Louis for a new take on the classic jigsaw puzzle. Watercolor mixes and flows, so unlike other puzzles, the vibrant shades and colors on every single piece are unique! They want to make sure you truly enjoy putting your puzzle together, so our puzzles are printed on super-premium puzzle board and each one comes with a FULL-SIZE glossy poster! (The poster is the actual size of the puzzle.)

Sunlit Studio Puzzles have a lot of variety to choose from.  500 – 1000 piece puzzles that are just gorgeous. 5% of all Sunlit Studio profits go to arts education programs for youth.

I really like this one too.  This is called Buds. Based on an original watercolor painting by artist Robin St. Louis, Buds celebrates the many pleasures of a farmer’s market on a sunny morning. The golden light, the easy feeling, the red baby buggy (and, of course, the gorgeous flowers) make “Buds” a fresh, fun story to put together. You’ll soak up the sun, piece by piece!

Get yourself a new puzzle or gift a friend a new beautiful puzzle.

Sunlit Studio Puzzles


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  1. These are so pretty! Working on puzzles is one of my favorite pastimes. I would love to get some of these!

  2. These puzzles are beautiful!! The colors are crisp and vivid! After the fun of putting the puzzles together, at times, I have glued the pieces to a piece of cardboard and put the finished picture in a frame and hung it up. I have gotten compliments on them too. This is a wonderful Mother’s Day gift 🎁 Thank you for the opportunity! Happy Mother’s Day to all! 💕

  3. These watercolor puzzles are beautiful, I really love the colors! Building puzzles has always been one of my favorite ways to wind down at the end of the day, they are so fun and relaxing.

  4. These puzzles look appropriately challenging with busy watercolor pictures! Thanks for the review!

  5. My grandmother would really enjoy doing these puzzles. She sometimes gets frustrated but works through it.

  6. We all used to put puzzles together on rainy days and whenever school was out. Now, I just can’t find the time unfortunately. My sister still puts them together with her son though. She never met a puzzle she didn’t love.

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