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It swings, it soars, it spins! Its patented design has safety in mind! Super Spinner is a whole new kind of swing…kids and families are loving it! The swing easily connects to an existing swing set, or you can connect it to a tree using a hanging kit (sold separately).

Swing alone or with a friend!
Super Swing holds up to 200 pounds, siblings and friends can ride together.

Why Super Spinner is better than ordinary swings:

  • Easy to set up
  • It’s designed to spin as well as swing!
  • High-grade, UV-resistant rope for safer swinging and spinning
  • Comfy, curved seat design that coaxes rider into the center
  • Cleaner alternative to tire swings!
  • Holds up to 200 pounds

A super cool swing right in your own yard!

Unlike an ordinary swing, this outdoor tree swing gives kids the ability to swing and spin, providing them with a unique experience right in their own backyard.

  • Swing, spin or do both at once! Plus, the sturdy seat is so comfortable, it makes the Super Spinner a great place to hang out and relax too
  • Curved design for added safety and comfort; center hole allows for water drainage from rain
  • Includes strong, UV-resistant rope and locking safety clips that easily connects to a swing set or tree (may require additional equipment)
  • Patented construction makes the Super Spinner a great alternative to standard and tire swings
  • Easily hangs from an existing swing set or a tree. Holds up to 200 pounds; for ages 3+

Super Spinner is a safer and more comfortable alternative to tire swings that both parents and children will love! Unlike an ordinary swing, Super Spinner gives kids the ability to swing or spin, providing them with a unique and exciting outdoor play experience right in their own backyard! Each swing holds up to 200 pounds, so two kids could play together! It’s easy to set up, and may require extra equipment depending on where you hang it. Made in the USA.


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