Surefit – The Mattress Pad You Didn’t Know You Needed @SureFitInc


Surefit – The Mattress Pad You Didn’t Know You Needed @SureFitInc

Sure Fit is here to help you make one simple, but necessary, purchase that will change everything: your mattress pad.

With a brand new line of mattress pads, introducing you to categories in the space you never even knew existed, you’ll experience more quality ZZZ’s in no time. The collection includes:



  • Waterproof: If you have kids and/or pets, this is for you. Total waterproof protection keeps your mattress dry, clean and free from stains. The best part? A quiet TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) backing prevents rustle when you move in your sleep and a DuraSoft™ top provides exceptional comfort.


  • Anti-Allergen: Spring allergies will be here soon. Protect yourself with a breathable allergy-blocking barrier. This topper is padded with comfy layers of 8 oz. hypoallergenic, antimicrobial fill and will help protect your mattress against dust mites, pet dander and other household allergens.


  • Breathable: Having hot flashes? Performance technology allows excess heat to escape, ensuring a cool night of sleep. This is also a great option for covering memory foam mattresses.


  • 2-in-1 Comfort Reversible: Landlord not cranking the heat high enough? This mattress pad is made of cooling moisture-wicking fabric on one side and cozy, deep-pile plush on the other. Set it on the cold climate side and your set, remember to flip it when it starts to warm up.


  • Memory Foam: Need we say more? Perforated memory foam provides shape-conforming comfort and support with enhanced air circulation.


All of Sure Fit’s mattress pads feature the brand’s unique FORMFIT™ Technology, which ensures a great fit that stays in place. Contoured corner design, opposing stretch features and a non-slip elastic band keeps the pads firmly tucked in place. You can view more details here: .

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