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Sustainable Jewelry Perfect For Valentines

Sustainable Jewelry Perfect For Valentines

Sustainable Jewelry Perfect For Valentines

Jewelry always makes a great gift for Valentine’s Day but first make for sure it is sustainable jewelry. Why? Because we want to make for sure you are getting the best quality for the best prices, you want them to last forever, and you want to make for sure the materials came from a good place. Sustainable Jewelry does that and they let you know how they do it.

Sustainable Jewelry makes for sure they are treating their workers fairly, using eco-friendly and ethical production techniques, and sourcing their metals, jewels, and diamonds from sustainable mines or production systems. Sustainable jewelry uses recycled or lower environmental impact materials, such as reclaimed silver and gold, or ethically mined jewels and metals.

This is the Mazie Mantra Locket. Inspired by Tibetan prayer scrolls, the sphere on this necklace is hollow with a tiny scroll of folded Japanese paper for you to personalize. Write your own words of inspiration, a prayer, or anything to make you feel empowered as you wear this locket against your chest.

This is the Secret Garden Ring from Catbird. One of the most magical rings we have ever seen. The jeweler has made something which is both novel, incredibly detailed, full of meaning, love, sentiment, and also: so stinking beautiful. These rings are just a wonder, and every single one is made just for you

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The Vim Drop Earrings are a vibrant earring featuring a fuchsia bead on top of three layered metal shapes in teal, gold and navy. With just the right amount of whimsy, the Vim Drop Earrings are a winner.

You can find all kinds of jewelry and the variety is unlimited for sustainable jewelry. People have learned to make so many designs that you will find the perfect gift for anyone on your list.  Your loved one will be surprised at what a great shopper you can be and that you care about sustainability! AURATE can give you the best jewelry choices and all their gold is 100% recycled. The next time you need jewelry make for sure they are sustainable.

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  1. Sustainable jewelry sounds wonderful, and it is so pretty too! I would definitely wear this jewelry and give it to my daughters as well.

  2. I love the fact that this jewelry is made from recycled materials and the environment is a concern in the making of this jewelry.

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