Take Care of Mama With Help From Healing Mama

Healing Mama

Take Care of Mama With Help From Healing Mama

New moms need some extra care. They get forgotten in the excitement of the new little one.  Healing Mama wants to Take Care of Mama with this great survival kit. This kit has some full sized products and some smaller size products.  Great to take care of the new Mama. Healing Mama™ Co. has the #1 Mama-to-Be Must-Haves & Gifts on the market with their collection of Labor + Postpartum Systems, Bundles, and Add On Items). These items will make mom feel pampered and not forgotten.

This kit has everything she could need.  From soap to lip balm and everything in between, she will have what she need in this nice travel bag. She is ready for the hospital or traveling to show off the baby. You can build your own kit so she gets a more personalized kit she will absolutely love and appreciate. She will know you really care when you get something just for her.

The above includes all of the items below that works wonders on taking care of the new mom. Healing Mama has thought of everything. This isn’t their only bundles they have lots to choose from so check out all their bundles. They have packed all your toiletry items in a beautiful nylon travel case, so that on D-Day all you have to do is add this to your hospital bag and be assured you’ve got everything you’ll want and need while at the hospital or birthing center. The products in your Ultimate Toiletry Bundle will last you approximately 1 week – 1+ month, depending on your frequency of use.

This is the Unscented Handmade Olive Oil Soap Bar by Sitti Soaps in a Soap Travel Case. This will comes in handy anyplace she goes.  She will always have a soap she can use everyday at her fingertips.

This has the Beautiful Nylon Travel Toiletry & Make-Up Case, Natural Unscented Deodorant, Unscented Face Wash, Organyc Intimate Wash, and the above soap.

Organic Cotton Intimate Wipes, 12 wipes by Natracare will take care of mom when she needs it most.

100% Cotton Face Cloth and Simply White Peppermint Toothpaste Travel Size, 18ml by Tom’s Of Maine helps mom start getting back to normal as soon as possible.

Hydrating Lip Balm by Aquafina and Soft Bamboo Toothbrush in a Bamboo Travel Case gives her the extra touch of being pampered.

They also have their Rejuvenation Postpartum System” that is designed to support and care for new mamas that are past the 6-week mark postpartum. This new system will include tips to help regulate hormones, repair the pelvic floor, sleep and vitamin deficiencies are commonly seen in postnatal moms
Products for rejuvenating postpartum skin and hair
Products for better sleep
Nipple cream & scar cream (for those cesareans and episiotomy as well as this cream is great for diaper rash!)
Sitz bath
Products to repair pelvic floor muscles, and relax muscles (such as those back muscles when you breastfeed)

Why is this beneficial?
Your health concerns are unique to you and this treatment service will cater to that! We also know that there a fundamental nutrients and concerns the majority of mothers will go through.

This Rejuvenation Postpartum System covers all the basics that they would want their new moms to be on and will save you money in the long run.

$10 from the sale of each C-Section Labor + Postpartum Systems
$10 from the sale of each Ultimate Labor + Postpartum Systems
$ 5 from the sale of each Essential Labor + Postpartum Systems
$ 5 from the sale of each Birthing Partner Labor + Postpartum Systems

These funds are put together so that they can donate our Healing Mama Labor + Postpartum Systems to organizations and birth workers in the most underserved communities and/or to vulnerable parents-to-be.


As you can see Healing Mama really knows how to take care of new moms and you know they deserve a little extra care after giving birth or just anytime.

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