Take Care of Your Teeth With Oclean

Take Care of Your Teeth With Oclean

We all need to take the best care of our teeth and Oclean helps us do it easier.  With their products our dentist will stay happy and so will you. Start your day and end your day with Oclean products to take care of your mouth.

Oclean Flow Sonic Electric Toothbrush

We all know how a electric toothbrush cleans our teeth better than the standard toothbrush. This Oclean Flow Sonic Electric Toothbrush last for up to 25 weeks in between charges.  That to me is a huge benefit. Now you can take your electric toothbrush on vacation without worrying about also bringing the charger.

This toothbrush brushes with sonic speed, 3 times faster than a regular toothbrush. That’s 38,000 strokes per minute. It also has 5 different modes to clean your teeth best for time of day or things like whitening. It has a 2 minute timer and 30 second reminder so you know you are cleaning the different parts of your mouth for the full time recommended.

You can brush your teeth in the shower with this waterproof toothbrush. Get ready in a hurry and make for sure you still brush your teeth completely.

With the thinnest of where the brush is, it fits into the tightest spots in your mouth. Round tip bristles on the brush make for sure you are not doing any damage to your precious mouth.

This toothbrush has a 2 year warranty. They even give your free shipping worldwide.

To give your mouth a complete clean you will also need this Oclean W10 Portable Water Flosser. This removes food debris and plaque. That to me is amazing and will help me spent less time in the dentist chair each and every time.

This flosser also has 5 different modes for the most effective cleaning. It even comes with 4 different nozzles so you can get into every little crevice. The nozzle can rotate 360 degrees for the best cleaning. It has a 200 ml water tank so it is easy to do your whole mouth easily. I like that it is see through so I know how much water I have left. It also has 15S Quadpacer & Smart Timer, this will make for sure you thoroughly clean in between your teeth.

I really like the strap, it helps me hang onto it when I use it, then I can hang it on the hook I put up for it.  Out of the way but still easy to get to. The tank is waterproof so you can also take this in the shower with you, get your complete oral care done while in the shower.

This has a 30 day battery life so you won’t have to constantly leave it plugged in.  That helps to make your battery last a lot longer. Both of these use a type C cord for easy charging. This also has a 2 year warranty and free shipping worldwide.

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