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Teach Kids How To Tie Their Shoes In Style With Easy Tie Laces! @EasyTie

easy tie laces

easy tie laces

Teach Kids How To Tie Their Shoes In Style With Easy Tie Laces!

Children tying their shoes can find it very difficult and frustrating.  Easy Tie laces are an innovative product that help your child learn to tie by replacing their regular laces with special dual colored laces. They come in 4 color variation so your child can pick their favorite color.
Created by a teacher, designed by an engineer,  Easy Tie laces can be used by any child and adult to have fun with their laces!

Easy Tie laces may look ordinary but they are the most advanced shoelaces on the market and your child’s best bet when it comes to tying their shoes.  Easy Tie laces work by removing the two biggest obstacles in shoe tying, lace confusion and floppy laces. Dual colors and textures aid in lace identification and the design of the lace holds its shape and allows early tiers time to tie. In addition, Easy Tie laces are designed in a way that guarantees that they will always stay even in length.

Easy Tie laces

Although color is important, texture can be the key for some children. The striped Black & Grey laces have a courser texture to them. Select one of these laces with any other solid colored lace to provide unique visual AND sensory feedback.

Each short lace is 37 inches long and is sized to work with most children’s shoes. The loops are sized to be the ideal size for shoes between size 8-3.

Each long lace is 45 inches long and is sized to work with most adult’s shoes. The loops are sized to be the ideal size for shoes between size 3-12.

Each 54 inch lace are great for Teen and Adults and are perfect for sports and cheerleading!  They are ideal size for shoes between size 9+ adults.

Easy Tie laces

Easy Tie shoelaces work by removing all tying obstacles

  • Dual Colors

  • Dual Textures (Black/Grey lace only)

  • Stiffer laces won’t flop

  • Tough enough for any activity

  • 37″ fit youth shoe size 8 – 3 or (4 eyelets)

  • 45″ fit teen/adult shoe size 3 – 10 or (5-6 eyelets)

I believe these would be fun for the teens to have mismatched shoestrings, that would be stylish.  Plus special needs children would not get so frustrated to learn to tie their shoes.  They have thought of everything!

Visit Easy Tie Laces site to learn more

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  1. I’m surprised no one thought of this sooner. What a good idea! Holding their shape would really help kids with tying shoes.

  2. I hate normal shoelaces, not because I can’t tie them, but because they get tangled and drag on the ground if they aren’t the right length….
    I prefer shoelaces like this that always stay tied and always look neat.

  3. These are awesome laces! I love that they teach them how to tie and are so fun with all of the colors! My kids would love them, thanks for sharing!

  4. these are so cool,,i have several grandchildren that need these to learn to tie their shoes properly

  5. I used the same 5 steps as shown in the video. All of my kids and grandkids know how to tie their shoes, otherwise I would give at least one pair of shoelaces a try. My patience at my age is not what it use to be. Teaching children to tie their shoes can be taxing! A lot of shoes do not have laces, but a child should know how to tie a shoe regardless. Thank you for sharing!

  6. These sound so nice. So easy to use. My family could use these. For some reason they seldom tie their shoes. Thank you so much for sharing

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