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Teach My Toddler Continents & Animals Learning Set @teachmy

Teach My Toddler Continents  Animals Learning Set

Teach My Toddler Continents & Animals Learning Set

Teach My Toddler Continents and Animals introduces your toddler to 7 continents of the world and 21 animals that live on those continents. Use a coordinated book, puzzle-within-a-puzzle and matching flashcards to encourage fun, educational play.

Just 20 minutes a day with Teach My Toddler Continents and Animals and your toddler can master the continents of the world and 21 animal names. The set encourages hand-eye coordination, spatial reasoning, matching, fine motor skills and parent-child interaction.

  • Introduce your toddler to 7 continents and 21 animals
  • Set includes 30 piece floor puzzle, 28 flashcards and matching board book
  • Build spatial reasoning, puzzle building and fine motor skills
  • Includes a teaching guide with tips


I’ve been using the teach my series since my son was 1.5 yr old & diagnosed w/autism. My husband bought it as a Christmas gift not fully understanding what it was, only that he needed to buy Xmas gifts lol when we started ABA therapy, his therapists instantly fell in love w/the tools in the teach my baby version, they utilized them just as much as they used their own material & watching/observing them AND watching my son flourish, has really given me an appreciation for these “teach my” products. As he grew, I bought teach my toddler, then teach my preschooler. I searched online but couldn’t find anything more to buy. Imagine my surprise & delight when I bought what I thought was a cool looking map I could use to teach continents only to discover “teach my” made it…& this purchase ultimately lead me to discover there’s a teach my kindergartner (perfect timing he’ll be kindergarten age next year) AND a similar map product for the solar system!
Those are next on my shopping list, though I’m going to home school these would be excellent for parents who just to offer that extra bit of help, not only because the materials provided are useful to do so but bc their materials also come with manuals to help parents who don’t have teaching degrees to easily not only teach but have a firm understanding of exactly what it is they’re teaching, offers a comprehensive guideline vs winging it based on having once learned this ourselves decades ago. I so strongly recommend their entire line of products!!!
This product is absolutely brilliant!!! My three year old now knows all her continents. I find her pulling the box down from the shelf every day and solving it on her own. I try to just ask her to show me Asia, Europe, Africa etc. It’s also easy to involve a younger child in helping the older child. My little 20 month old often holds all the animals in a zip lock bag and help her sister locate them on the puzzle. It’s one of the few things I find they can accomplish together! Amazing product! Love it!

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