Teach Your Children With The Japan Funbox For January 2019 @Japanfunbox_com

Want to teach your child by giving them snacks?  Japan Funbox can do just that.  Get to experience what they considered snacks and candy, compared to ours.  Plus, most of them, the labels are all in Japanese. Some are great some not so much but get a real experience in Japanese snacks and have some fun while they are learning.  You can get these each month and the kids will look forward to them.

Above is just a few things that were in the box this month.  Fruit Flavored Kit Kat bars, Milky, gum, noodles, cookies that are flavored truly uniquely.  Each month you get a different variety of snacks to talk about and try with the family.  Make it a Japanese Family Night, get the box of treats, put in a movie with subtext, and have some fun!

This month there wasn’t a list of products in the box, so we tried them not knowing what to expect.  The crackers or cookies on the left have a spicy type flavor and the one on the right we knew was grape but not sure if this should be in the fridge as a jello or just a thick drink.

Yes you guess it the one on the left is gum, Desiree’s favorite!  The one on the right has a trade-able sticker for some of their anime.

The Japanese candy, that you’ve seen on the web, can arrive straight to your doorsteps. You’ve gotta try them for yourself to see how fun, crazy, and delicious they are.

3 different choices of boxes with free shipping on any of them.  Great prices for something fun and a great experience for the kids, and adults.

Japan Funbox has limited edition and inventive candy & snacks, that even Japanese people aren’t aware of, and are being released practically every day. Candy with DIY kits, candy with strange flavors, candy with penalty games, candy with innovative texture…etc.

Desiree and I love to go through this box each month, plus it gives us something in common  we both love to talk about it.





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  1. This is such a fun subscription box! My grandchildren would love trying new Japanese snacks every month. Those Fruit Flavored Kit Kat bars would be so interesting to try!

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