Teetherpop For The Teething Baby

Teetherpop For The Teething Baby

Teetherpop For The Teething Baby

Teetherpop are little homemade popsicle containers, you can make yourself, that helps sooth a teething baby’s gums.  The babies love these Teetherpops. The special container traps the liquid so it does make a mess. I wish I had these when my kids were little.

The silicone container has small holes so the baby will still have the great taste of what you froze inside for them but you don’t have to clean up a mess. No worrying about the homemade popsicle breaking off and choking the baby. You can fill this with any liquid that freezes. Think about how much healthier that will be.

You decide what goes into your baby’s teether! From baby’s first purees, water or breastmilk, to homemade smoothies & juices and more! teetherpop’s silicone reservoir shields sensitive gums & make it a safe, less-messy alternative to traditional teething pops.

Thoughtfully made in the heartland of Ashland, Ohio from medical grade materials and is free from BPA, PVC, phthalate and latex. teetherpop makes for a super simple and creative snack storing option that’s great for cheery strolls, airplane rides, going out to dinner, or a fun anytime treat!

Simply fill to the indicator line with breastmilk, purées, homemade smoothies or juices, water & more! Fold handle downward and snap to secure. It’s is ready to enjoy, or freeze for a soothing treat! Protective cap keeps teether clean when freezing or on-the-go! No-mess slits in top of silicone teether allow flow as baby teethes! *teetherpop is intended to be used with silicone teether in place only.

Perfect teethers for toddlers, teetherpop allows little ones to try their first foods independently! Simply fill with baby’s first purées, such as all-natural Plum Organics. Also, great in place of, or conjunction to refillable baby purée pouches! For more flow, thin the mixture with water as needed.





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