Tego Roll-And-Go Travel Bag

Tego Travel Bag

Tego Roll-And-Go Travel Bag

Have you ever needed a travel bag that took up less space but organized all your stuff better. Well Tego Roll-And-Go Travel Bag can do everything you need.  This keeps everything organized and easy to find while taking up minimum amount of room. Tego Roll-And-Go Travel Bag can be used for toiletries, make up, tools, and so much more.

Tego Roll-And-Go Travel Bag rolls up and has just a simple clip to keep in all rolled together.  All of your things are secured inside and hidden from view. This is the world’s most customizable, water-resistant, roll-up kit that makes packing easy, organized, and clean.

The bag even hangs up to make it easy to get into your things. This flips down and hang on a hook or a door.  As you can see you have a lot of different compartment to choose from.  If you don’t need this many take some of them out or put them in only when you need them to be there.

Tego is the first bag in the world that’s customized to your stuff. Designed by you, for you. Fully water-resistant and fully customizable, Tego is the ultimate roll-and-go carrying solution for any traveler’s essentials. Every Tego Saves 2.7 Plastic Bottles From the Landfill. All plastic bottles used for production have been through the entire consumer usage process.

Tego – a fully customizable, waterproof, roll-and-go personal organizer that makes going back to school easy, organized, and clean. It can be used for school supplies, travel, for the outdoors, or for storing anything from beauty products to tech gadgets. Launching on Kickstarter July 27th.
  • Customizable: Tego personalizes the packing experience, and is fully customizable with as few or as many sections as you need—mix-and-match from 7 different sections to create more than 100 different combinations for short vs. long trips.

  • Clean, Neat & Organized: Tego’s compartments separate your items and can be hung or lay flat so you have full visibility of your items.

  • Durable & Made from Post-Consumer Recycled Materials: Tego is waterproof, durable, compact, and machine-washable, and sustainably made using post-consumer recycled bottles

These are 2 of the pieces you can add to or exchange the other pieces for. I can’t wait to use this on my next vacation.  It will be nice to have everything in one place in the bathroom.

I could see someone using this for computer things, as a sewing bag, for smaller tools, for an at home tool collection for a small apartment. This has so many great uses. I am sure you could come up with some friends that would love to get one of these Tego Roll-And-Go Travel Bags.  They would make a fantastic gift!

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