Teleflora Bouquets To Honor #OneToughMother This Mother’s Day @Teleflora


Teleflora Bouquets To Honor One Tough Mother This Mother’s Day

Yes, it is just like that!  You have your little one and the beast comes out of no where.  No one is going to hurt this child!  I will protect her until death!

We look at this tiny little person we just gave birth to and cannot love anyone or anything more.  Then our mind starts to wonder.  This child needs me, she will always need me.  I will be the one that makes for sure she is protected, loved, fed, clothed, and everything else.  I want to give her everything, the world is yours little one!  Can I do this?  I do not know how to give her everything!  I cannot fail this child needs me!

Yes, Mother’s worry from the minute they know they have a little person in their body!  When they see that little face it is time to worry more.  Now they are up walking, they may get hurt, more worry!  It doesn’t stop just because they get older either.


We pray for the strength to make you a good person, to keep you safe, and to always be there when you need us.  There is not a day off or “I quit” today, we just keep loving.  We are not perfect but we try harder than anyone you will ever know.

We love you no matter your mood, or if we have had a bad day!  The love never stops and pretty soon you are all grown up and you can start to understand how Mom really feels…


Because you have those tiny little eyes staring at you now for everything!  Now you get to worry!  But Mom is still there, loving those eyes as much as she loved yours, and with the same worry!  That beast deep inside is still waiting to pounce, to keep you and this new child safe forever.

Since Mom spends so much time filled with worry it is time for you to tell her how much you love her and show her how tough you know she is.  Send her a Teleflora bouquets to honor your One Tough Mother this Mother’s Day!

All Mother’s Day bouquets are available on Teleflora.com for purchase beginning April 18th.


Teleflora’s Love and Joy Bouquet (Available on Teleflora.com for $59.95)

The perfect gift to celebrate mom and tickle her pink! This elegant bouquet is brimming with springtime’s finest colors, featuring hot pink roses, miniature pink carnations, huckleberry, lavender stems and lavender chrysanthemums all nestled within a gorgeous blooming flower and hummingbird vase, the ultimate symbol to show mom your appreciation and love.



Teleflora’s Luxurious Lavender Bouquet (Available on Teleflora.com for $109.95)

“WOW” mom with this stunning gift that exudes classic elegance; and dazzles and delights with fresh blooms full of luscious dark pink roses and fragrant lilies within a glorious sculpted lavender glass vase.



Teleflora’s Garden Pitcher Bouquet (Available on Teleflora.com for $69.95)

Fill mom’s heart by honoring her timeless devotion with this charming 2-in-1 gift she will cherish. A luxurious mix of rich lavender roses and chrysanthemums, fragrant white lilies and eucalyptus is hand-delivered in a tall, rustic Provencal-style water pitcher (FDA-approved and food safe) that is perfect for mom’s springtime entertaining.


Teleflora’s Butterfly Sunrise Bouquet (Available on Teleflora.com for $49.95)

Playful and sweet just like mom, this brilliant bouquet of peach roses, yellow alstroemeria, and lavender chrysanthemums will make every mom’s heart flutter with happiness. This 2-in-1 gift also serves as a darling oversized keepsake mug (FDA-approved and food safe) adorned with dancing watercolor-hued butterflies for long-lasting enjoyment.



Teleflora’s Painted Blossoms Bouquet (Available on Teleflora.com for $39.95)

Surprise sisters, daughters, and new moms by showering her with a bright, joyful floral bouquet bursting with a lovely medley of orange roses, yellow alstroemeria, and brilliant pink carnations. Arrives professionally arranged in this delicate pink ceramic cube vase with painted blossoms complement the fresh blooms of spring!

I received the Luxurious Lavender Bouquet!  This is HUGE!  Is is so hard to show you but I was shocked how big this is.


Full of beautiful flowers and smells that filled my house for the week!



This vase is gorgeous also!  The Mother in your life will love this Luxurious Lavender Bouquet!


Teleflora Mother's Day 2016 Infographic

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