Tell Their Story In A Unique Way Only With Tellinga! @TellingaStories

Tell Their Story In A Unique Way Only With Tellinga!

Wouldn’t you like to receive a gift over a week, 2 weeks, or even a month?  Tell your story with help from a great group of artists.  Tellinga has made a great way to show someone how much you care.  The artist will use your pictures to draw the story, then just let them receive a new part during a short-term or longer term.

Great unique gift for almost anyone!  Tell your wife you remember how you met and will always love her.  Tell a graduate some of the adventures while going through school.  I decided to tell Desiree a story about how much we have had fun over the first 15 years of her life since her birthday is the 23rd.  She will love this!  I know it can be rough during the teen years so I wanted to know how special she is.  She will really love this with her artist side.

You can choose from a different amount of time to deliver your story.  If it is a short story, then choose 1 day.  You can choose up to a month long story.  After choosing the time period you will then need to fill in the important stuff.

We live in such a digital world these days as we are always emailing, text messaging and following each other’s social media accounts. Things such as traditional mail have somewhat been forgotten. Tellinga offers a way to tap back into the tangible and traditional by providing a product that you can touch and feel on a deeper level rather than staring at another screen. It provides that old level of eagerness and anticipation of looking forward to checking your mailbox every day. It is the same exciting feeling of when you were exchanging letters of a pen pal or loved one growing up, looking forward to that new edition of your favorite magazine, or the expectation of receiving a greeting card from a loved one. The goal is to provide an extremely personalized gift that brightens a loved one’s day by delivering little hand-drawn story surprises in their mailboxes. It gives people the chance to be a character of their own mailbox story sent out piece by piece. Your mailbox isn’t dead – it’s more alive than ever!

You fill in the story you want to represent, describe the person, so the artists know how to approach the project they will draw and help to make your story come to life.  Then give you a lot of examples to help the artist understand what they need to do.

Next upload the pictures you want the artist to reference and possible draw.  Then add it to cart.


After I sent some pictures and told them things Desiree likes and some special moments, we received day 1 of the story.  I chose the date to start the story.  Desiree is loving the cards each day.  In the pictures they could see how Desiree looks so they made a picture story about her adventures.  The drawings are not exactly like her but we wouldn’t want them to.  Desiree’s birthday is coming up and I thought this would make a great gift, and it is a big hit with her and her friends.

The other side of the large postcard will tell you about Tellinga and what part the story is.

Part 2 because Desiree loves to paint and draw and play on her computer whenever she can.

Day 3 Harry Potter and school.

This is such a great personalized gift that everyone will love.  Each one is a piece of artwork you can’t get anyplace but Tellinga! Perfect for birthdays, Mother’s/Father’s Day, Graduation, Holidays, or just to make someone’s day!  I think everyone will love this and it is very reasonable priced!

I will update this as we receive each.

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