Test Your Water At Home


Test Your Water At Home

Don’t you wonder if your water is safe? Wouldn’t it be nice to test your water at home?  No one coming in to try to sell you anything, just get the results and you decide if you need help with your water. You can test your water at home or send it in with Enviro Test Kits.  They put the decision to everything back in your hands without the pressure.

Test your water for bacteria, lead, arsenic, and more.  Some of these tests can be easily performed in your home and other need more professional labs to do the tests.

Test Your Water At Home

This Safe Home kit lets you test for bacteria, Total Coliform & E. Coli, in the water. You don’t want anyone drinking that!!! Now you will know with a simple test that gives you results in 24 – 72 hours.  No more waiting weeks to know the test results of your water. You can then get further testing done or feel good that you know your drinking water is safe. Yellow means you are safe while Teal or Blue/Green means you need to do something. This is a very affordable option to give you peace of mind.

Their scientists have over 150-years of combined experience in testing drinking water. They are in business to make a difference in people’s lives, through science.

Their test kits equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions concerning the safety of your drinking water, making you a Safe Home hero.

After the issue in Flint, Michigan we all should make for sure our water does not contain lead.  With this kit you can collect the samples needed and send them in. Plus since this is their 2 in 1 kit it tests water supply and plumbing fixtures. You cannot see, taste, or smell lead in your drinking water.  You get the results by mail or email.  Right now you get a bonus home bacteria test in the kit.

Provides 2-in-1 testing for Lead in your Water Supply & from your Plumbing Fixtures. Tests for Dissolved Lead + Solid Lead = 100% Total Lead. FREE Return Shipping to Our Laboratory. Includes FREE DIY Bacteria Test.

  • Free Return Shipping
  • Free DIY Bacteria Test Kit
  • Turn-Around-Time is 2-3 business days for test results to be emailed to customer. Business days do not include time in transit of your water sample to our lab, nor weekends, nor holidays.
Safe Home Test Kits are based on more than 40 years of experience from Environmental Laboratories Inc. studying and testing drinking water quality to help consumer learn peace of mind at home. The kits are designed so anyone can test with DIY at Home “You Test It” kits for screening home drinking water as well as In-Lab Certified “We Test It” kits for detailed testing of your home drinking water. https://envirotestkits.com


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