The Art Of Paint Marbling

The Art Of Paint Marbling

The Art Of Paint Marbling

The Art of Paint Marbling takes you through all the tools, techniques, and tips you need to create your own marbled artwork. Closely following the successful The Art of Paint Pouring and its follow-up, The Art of Paint Pouring: Swipe, Swirl & SpinThe Art of Paint Marbling features a similarly easy-to-follow format and appealing aesthetic.

The thrill of marbling is in the discovery and sometimes unpredictability of the process. Explore a few approaches to discover what you like, and you’ll soon amaze yourself with the gorgeous marbled paintings that you’ve created. Once you are set up and have learned the steps, the process is easy with immediate results—almost like magic. Be forewarned that marbling is seductive and can even be addictive! When you see what is possible, you’ll want to do it again and again, each time trying some new variation.

Paint marbling is a contemporary technique with a long history. What started hundreds of years ago has evolved into a fun, modern art form that’s popular on YouTube and has been hailed as a trend by The New York Times.

Nowadays, paint marbling uses a base of thickened water, onto which paint is poured and then swirled. Dipping paper directly into the paint creates beautiful, abstract art that’s easy to do at home using minimal, affordable supplies.

Using step-by-step projects with thorough instructions, artists can use a variety of techniques to manipulate colored paint into intricate patterns and create marbled artwork on a variety of surfaces, including paper, cloth, and wood panels. Large, beautiful, and colorful photos accompany all of the projects and techniques. Paint marbling serves as a fun hobby for beginners, a new art form for more advanced artists looking for alternative techniques, and a family activity perfect for artists young and old.

With The Art of Paint Marbling, you can learn to use paper, paint, and water to create your own on-trend artwork!

René Andreas Eisenbart’s love for art began in childhood where she sketched in the margins of school papers. She became recognized for her botanical watercolor during 25 years as an artist for The Oregonian where she created 100 Illustrations for the book “Plant This!”

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