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The Art Of Paint Pouring

The Art Of Paint Pouring

Are you an artist looking for new painting techniques to try? Do you like to make crafts & find innovative ways to create useful objects? If so, check out The Art of Paint Pouring – a comprehensive guidebook that includes easy step-by-step projects, practical tips, and basic color theory references.

Learn the creative, innovative technique of making art by pouring paint with this book! Featuring easy step-by-step projects, practical tips, and beautiful art from an established paint-pouring expert, this book will help artists of any skill level make colorful, textured art by pouring acrylic paint onto a canvas.

Paint Pouring

There are many techniques for making poured art, and this book details them all. You will learn to swipe, pour, and more using the many how-to projects provided in this book. Also included are chapters on the following: tools and materials, including affordable options for items that will help you create poured art; basic color theory and how to choose paint colors that will create pleasing mixtures; eye-catching full-page artwork; tips for creating the paint consistency that you want; and instructions for keeping your work area clean, even while working with a potentially messy technique.

Written and illustrated by a well-recognized paint-pouring artist,This book is a comprehensive reference that eliminates the need to search online for multiple videos that you would continually have to pause and re-watch. If you are new to paint pouring, you will love the beginners’ tips and instructions that allow anyone to master this contemporary craft.

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  1. Beautiful designs that capture nature’s minerals. Stained glass with geode design, I like this a lot!

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