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The Bro Basket Has Great Gift Baskets For Dad This Year! @brobasket

The BroBasket’s were created to be THE best gifts for men, ones that all the Bro’s in your life would love to receive. The guys that love beer, scotch, whiskey, tequila, wine and maybe the occasional long distance hug only a BroBasket can provide. Men love these unique gifts with their favorite alcohol in them, and they love making the best gifts for men around almost as much as guys love receiving them.

Barbecue Party Gift Basket

This is The Bro Basket’s Barbecue Party Gift Basket.  I received this so I could show you how great these baskets are.  They have a variety of baskets including beer, spirits, alcohol gift sets, and lots of non-alcohol baskets or customize one of your own.  Not only are the goodies inside great but so is the container they come in.  Since I do not feature alcohol on my site I chose the Barbecue Party Gift Basket but wanted you to be aware of their other wonderful items.


I believe any BBQ man I know would love to get this set.


4 – Essential BBQ Utensils
      Spatula with Bottle Opener, BBQ Brush, Tongs, & Fork
1 – Bag of BBQ Lays Chips
1 – Pack of Beef Jerky
2 – BroBasket Cedar BBQ Smoker Planks
1 – Scripto™ long BBQ lighter
1 – Pack of toothpicks for when you’re done
1 – Reusable BroBasket Crate

You cannot be a master of the bbq without your own smoker planks and nice lighter now can you?

Of course they will get hungry while they are cooking all that good smelling food.

At least you will have something to eat just in case they burn it!  LOL

They will also need the perfect bbq sauce.  Jalapeno for the spicy addict and regular for the old fashioned guy.

This is a really nice grill set that should last for years.  The bag is canvas and keeps everything together for the grill out.

I am sure the guys will have lots of ideas for this real wood crate.  They can use it to carry all their bbq supplies or for other things in the garage.  Or maybe the wife will have some cool ideas.

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I received this product to give my honest opinion.


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  1. I’d love to get my husband the BBQ Party Gift Basket for my husband..it has it all but the grill and meat. He’d absolutely love it!

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