The Cocktail Deck of Cards

The Cocktail Deck of Cards

The Cocktail Deck of Cards

I have been to different places, even in different countries and have tried different drink. I always found something I loved. Then you get home and try to make it and it’s just not the same. Now with The Cocktail Deck of Cards I can find favorite drinks and always have the extra recipe. This deck of cards would be fun for parties or small get-togethers. The Cocktail Deck of Cards will add a new list of drinks you know how to make and you will be the expert.

What’s better than cracking out the bubbles for a special occasion or just a midday spritz in the garden?

While it started as a fad, fizzy drinks aren’t going flat. And, while Aperol and bubbles have become a delicious staple, there’s so many more possibilities out there. Whether it’s Cynar, Campari, or Luxardo Bitter, there’s a world of liqueurs and nuances between prosecco, cava and champagne that create different textures. This deck of cards plays with all of them, making entertaining easy: just pull a card when you’re stuck over whether you want a ruby negroni, an atomic, or a Chambord royale. With beautiful, water color illustrations and drinks for every palette, this deck will make your day positively effervescent.

As you can see it tells you exactly what you need for that drink.  Having a girls night in? Then get out a few of the cards, all the ingredients, and let them make their own drinks.  Or you could make some of them up in advance and add the alcohol later. What about New Year’s Eve at home with the kids, make them alcohol free.

These cards will make you everyone’s favorite bartender. If you know a bartender then give them a set of cards they can learn to make new drinks for their customers. The Cocktail Deck of Cards make a great gift for so many people.


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