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The Cocoa Exchange

Michele’s The Cocoa Exchange

If you want to try some DELICIOUS chocolates then you need to start at Michele Bodenheimer’s The Cocoa Exchange. I am talking serious chocolate from baking to cooking to your gourmet candy you really must try these.  They have amazing Dove dark chocolate brownie, caramel candy, and milk chocolate orange bits. I am normally not a dark chocolate person but I think I have been converted!

The above is The Cocoa Exchange Pecan and Crisp Rice Bark. Crispy. YUM is the only word I can describe this. It is just the best chocolate bark I have ever had.  Rich and full of flavor. Dark chocolate studded with crisp, puffed rice and fine roasted pecans – a little sweet, a little crunchy, elemental perfection.

This chocolate makes  me feel like I am getting into a rich persons secret chocolate collection. I am so glad I am able to try this and you will love everything you buy. I will be getting more and trying new things, this is so good! Think of THE COCOA EXCHANGE as your personal gourmet store where cocoa and chocolate come to life in delicious, innovative ways.

You would never guess this is dark chocolate when you try this. Smooth and so creamy these Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels are like a dream come true. Get the benefits of dark chocolate with the creamy center of caramel. This is the Dove Signature brand so you know it is good chocolate!

I must admit when I first read orange bites with milk chocolate I did not think I would like this. I like them each separate but I have had the mixed of a different brand and did not like it. Well my taste buds were awoken when I tried these. They are just plain addictive!  I can’t stop eating them.  A creamy milk chocolate with a crunchy center of orange flavored candy that is  absolutely full of both flavors.  I am addicted and so is my family, Desiree and hubby loved these too.

This delightful snack is their Carmelized Cashews and Nibs.  A sweet crunchiness to my favorite cashews with little pieces of cocoa for added flavor.  This is another favorite in the house but Desiree ate most of them.

The Cocoa Exchange has a new catalog coming out soon with new great treats and more. Check out my post on cooking with some of their products for more great products. They have so many products to choose from that make great gifts or an extra special treat for the holidays. I will be keeping some of these in stock at my house!

The Cocoa Exchange award-winning, classically trained chefs create innovative flavor combinations using this secret ingredient of cocoa in trend-setting products that can’t be found anywhere else but The Cocoa Exchange™. (All in gorgeous, sustainable and giftable packaging of course!)

Their curated gourmet collections include the silky smoothness of DOVE® SIGNATURE, the authentic adventure of PURE DARK™ and the culinary creativity of POD & BEAN™. Products are offered singly, in value sets and in gift packaging.

Visit The Cocoa Exchange and make for sure Michele Bodenheimer is your chosen representative today!



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