The Cord Wrapper Takes Care Of Messy Cords

Cord Wrapper

The Cord Wrapper Takes Care Of Messy Cords

The Cord Wrapper gives loose cords a neat, organized home. While inspired from kitchen appliances, it can be used at your computer workstation and anywhere else those cords have been an all too familiar annoyance. The Cord Wrapper can help with making your home look that much neater.

The Cord Wrapper is a small gadget used to keep all those cords organized and out of the way! Simply attach this to your appliance and wind the excess cord around it when the appliance is not in use for a clean and organized appearance. When you need to use the appliance, simply unwrap what cord is needed and keep the rest stored neatly away!

This is not just a handy tool for organizing the kitchen (though that’s where the idea was sparked). The Cord Wrapper can be used throughout the home to organize excess cords. You can use this in the bathroom, bedroom, office, or living room.

This is so easy to use.  You can attach these to anything.  I am going to use them on my fans.  The cords are always in the way when I put them away for the year.  With these I won’t have to worry about it anymore.  They include a rubbing alcohol swatch to clean the appliance, or whatever, off before attaching this.  It sticks on and doesn’t move.

There are so many uses for this.  I am also going to have one near or on my computer.  I carry a laptop with me and the cord get twisted up.  This way I won’t have to worry about where it is. Plus when I go to put it out the cord is always right where I will need it.

This is the solution for those annoying cords in your kitchen, bathroom, office, living room… anywhere there is a cord! Simply Wipe It, Peel It, Stick It, Wrap It! They come in red, white, and black.

The Cord Wrapper

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  1. The Cord Wrapper is an amazing invention! I could definitely use a few of these around the house. Cords can be so annoying and can also get twisted and worn if not stored properly. Not to mention, I love neat and organized things.

  2. I love this I have so many cords, you want to use toaster you take the tie off plug it in then when done you have to find the tie and put it back on. these I have ot have

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