The Great Wisconsin Steak Co. Knows Steaks

The Great Wisconsin Steak Co. Knows Steaks

The Great Wisconsin Steak Co. Knows Steaks

The Great Wisconsin Steak Co. sent me a couple of the thickest steaks I think I have ever seen. They are at least an inch thick.  We didn’t plan our dinner for the night so we opened 1 of them up and made a quick meal.  These steaks from the Great Wisconsin Steak Co. are angus steaks and talk about awesome.  They came with the amazing seasonings all over them, so they came out perfect.  They even tell you exactly how to cook them on the package and more information is on their website. These steaks are pre-seasoned, prepared medium-rare, and flash-frozen for freshness.

Also on the label, they put when they were frozen and how long the shelf life is. All we had to do was thaw and cook.  The vacuumed sealed package is great for the Sous Vide cooks out there, and the temperature and time is right on the label. Just 1 steak weighted over 1 pounds so we split it for dinner. Normally I would make a baked potato and veggie but we knew we ate a big lunch and really wanted to taste this.  I could smell the spices through the package and wow they were delicious on the steak. They come packaged perfectly in ice and a small cooler.  They were frozen when I received them.

You can see all the seasonings laying on top and ready for cooking.  I love that all I have to do is unthaw this steak and put some sides with it and I have a complete meal in a very quick time.  The steak needs to unthaw completely and you cook this only for a few minutes. The animals are raised with no grains, corns and certainly no hormones, antibiotics, GMOs, chemical herbicides or pesticides are used. They are raised on small family farms committed to the humane treatment of animals. Compared to conventionally raised beef, their boneless strip loin steaks are lower in calories, lower in saturated fats and higher in Omega-3s. This meat is the premium of steaks and it tastes like it too!

The Great Wisconsin Steak Company specializes in Wisconsin-grown, grass-fed steaks that are wet-aged using a 100-year-old cooking technique that preserves freshness, eliminates waste, retains tenderness and shortens cooking time. Sous vide, translated from French to mean ‘cooking under vacuum’, is a slow-cooked then frozen method that tenderizes and seasons the meat, boosting the flavor. Once thawed, steaks are cooked and ready to eat in as little as 6-10 minutes. 

Great Wisconsin Steak Company

You will have fine dining choices right in your own home with The Great Wisconsin Steak Co.





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